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  1. oh, i had to return it coz it wasnt fully annealed and suffered a crack under the mouthpiece, but knowing I have a phobia for penis head shaped things they completely redid the thing for me (see my newest thread) with the splash guard similar to prestons bubblers, I love it...yes I have hit a full size waffle as well as the mini one... they are similar in how they both "rumble" or "chug" but the larger volume of prestons tube makes a difference.

    +rep I think your friend is lucky to have someone like you man, all I get from my friends are fkn gift certificates:(
  2. how come you get 3 while others sit on the waiting list lol damn it. I was on the list from night 1
  3. I ordered a waffle the first day they listed them only vato ordered before me.
    when I was talking to them about the waffle they mentioned eric had another mini theyd like me to see and if I liked it they would offer it to they sent me a video with 4 bubblers and they were blinded so I couldnt see the diffuser just the diffusion, after watching the video a couple times I picked their mini inline out of the other three waffles (i just modified it for oil ie; 14mm male joint, 3 slits instead of the number they offered).
    the third bubbler (circ) is actually something they made for me and will offer to you guys just coz I said you guys might want one as well...I love circs.

    don't worry I'm still just a no body;)
  4. hes practicing his gridwork...

    ill leave you with that much ::):

  5. ahh this wait is killing me! lol not really but i can't wait til i get that message for the deposit
  6. All new worked orders are on hold until January, per Angelica. For anyone who's wondering, you're going to have a long wait if you haven't placed an order yet, they are super busy.

    Hehe I believe I was third after blood_junkee and vato, but my waffle will be worked, so I get to wait :D
  7. im in the for the wait till january as well, well worth the custom colors, illl just end up buyin a new tube to hold me over till then
  8. Here's the order I sent in to Angelica:

    Worked 3 Piece Fire and Ice Set
    1: Mini Inline Tube 12"
    Technical Features: Up-Facing Gridded Inline (12-20 grid-slits), kinked mouthpiece
    Worked Sections: Base of can, single section at the bottom of neck tube, front of mouthpiece
    2: Showerhead Ash Catcher 5"
    Technical Features: Pill Bottle SHAC with wrap around 90 degree angled splashguard and 19mm tubing for the downstem
    Worked Sections: Downstem, region between downstem and female joint
    3: Disc Diffued Bowl
    Technical Features: Deep set disc and party sized width, paddle handle
    Worked Sections:Majority of exterior and top of paddle handle worked
  9. woah mumbojumbo!
    lol yup! eric does color gridded work! sickkkk

  10. pretty much gettin something similar except i want a waffle instead of the inline and different colors, january is so far away haha
  11. nice, but the a/c is overkill...I doubt the tiny tube will support it, so be careful or it will tip over...or maybe its for another piece entirely? if so just ignore me :D
  12. i got a message today from angie saying there really backed up, and her and eric have decided to just make a check list for the waffles, and any other special requests to your tube can be added if there not there..
  13. i dnt mind waitin im probably gonna pickup a stemline soon so that will hold me over, however i am curious to know if the tube will be able to support the a/c, does anyone have one with the a/c on it?
  14. Notice that I ordered the AC with a 90 degree angled splash-guard (side setting), this allows me to pull the A/C in closer to the bong so the center of gravity isn't so offset with it on. I'll probably be rocking it in such a fashion that the pill bottle sets right up next to the can, the mouthpiece will help offset the balance and keep your face away from the flame.
  15. I just measured mine and its 5" so I guess you are getting a tiny ac not a full sized...
    have you seen my tiny ac video? it wasnt attached to the waffle but you can see the design.
  16. I'm getting a standard design pill-bottle AC, just a little on the short side. They make them from 4" to 7" standard.
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    ok well just so you know my mini waffle wanted to fall over with the teeny shac attached to it and its a 90* wrap around style just like you've specified for your full sized shac...I had the mini shac can set right next to the bub was very top heavy.
    didn't angi mention that to you?

    edit;you'd better explain to angi that you plan on using the ac on a mini tube... I just spoke to her and she confirmed the mini tube is not designed to be used in conjuction with any of their a/c's teeny(what i have), tiny or standard...its just too unstable/top heavy.

    now I'm going to say to you what my grandfather used to say to me.

    "you do what you want, you're only gonna do it anyways"

  18. hahaha nice one:cool: someone should tell this to the guy trying to buy that 3500 roor. sorry to get off topic. cant wait to get my waffle, the day it comes i might have a heart attack from the excitement
  19. hey, just got mine, I'll add the milk video when I get back from picking up my wife from work.
    the thing is really guys are gonna dig em.:smoke:

  20. haha mayb this time around i wnt go down that road, im pretty sure itll be just fine without an a/c.

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