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the waffle test

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by gone4good, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. these things are $85? how mini are we talking? im super interested now.
  2. Alterations will cost a good deal more. Check the last few pages
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    maybe a tad smaller than the micro oiler...I've hit one of those so I'll know when I get it if its comparable in size...but its fkn mini...that much is fo sho;)

    [ame=""]YouTube - our mini stemless waffle water test.inspired by...[/ame]

    edit; the video is the 12 hole and the pics are of the 7 hole

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    I doubt he'd want the lowered 12 anyway...look at his user name

    altho I requested 2-3 holes on my custom bubs, the 7 hole looks fkn killer for oil imo...and you could request less.
  5. coulda shoulda woulda;)
  6. this thing is looking nice, i need contact info for gmd, somone pm me please?
  7. I wonder how much more it'd be with 12 holes but not lowered.
  8. I apoligize 2 everyone ive been dealing with sum shit in real life, and also sum tchnical shit, if i say anything retarded im drunk as fuck...anyway i will be buying a power cord for my laptop hopefully thats all wrong, im on my ps3 right now and shit sux...anyways it was shipped saturday i live 4hrs away so hopefully monday it will get here on my day off or tuesday at the latest :) wish i could post the pix of the finished product it looks awesome!!!!! cant wait 2 rip that shit!!!:smoke:
  9. I've just started talking to angelica now, where are these circ bubblers you guys are talking about? I've only seen the inline and waffle.
  10. Just chatted on etsy with GMD gona settle my money issues and then order this bad boy up unfourtanetly the wait time for custom orders is like december but this is a birthday piece anyways and my b day is in december lol!:smoke:
  11. I'm inquiring about a mini stemless with three worked tritone sections (bottom, band at base of reduction, and front of mouthpiece) with an up-facing lowered gridded inline. The base price is so good I feel more than willing to shell out for some headiness.
  12. Is it possible to get it without the mouthpiece? Like just a regular bong mouthpiece so it's just like a mini tube with ridiculous waffle diffusion. It would definitely need a splash guard added for that though.
  13. December start date + international shipping times (1 month+ usually) is going to kill me over christmas :cry:

    Hopefully I can get mine by the end of the Outdoor growing season here in Aus :bongin:
  14. [​IMG]

    yeah thats how im getting mine, Im also adding 4 inches to the can section. should be killer xD
  15. I've seen a model already made that was just a straight tube. It was an oiler piece with a male joint.
  16. im lookin to get a lowered 12 hole waffle with work on the base and mouthpiece, im guessin the wait for anything custom is around december?

  17. hopefully number 1 and 2 on the list dont have to wait til december, but its all gravy if we have to
  18. got my order for the mini circ w/ a 14mm female in. i was leanoing towards the waffle, but i already own a waffle from preston, and i havent tried a circ tube yet.

    anyone here get the circ?
  19. yep I ordered all 3, I think the circ is coming next with my waffle(I had to return it)
  20. why is that? im tyhink,ing about grabbing one of the waffle ones in addition to my circ to give my best friend for his 21st bday. how did you like it? and have you ever hit one of prestons waFFLES? how do they compare?

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