the waffle test

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  1. I wouldn't compare sgw and gmd prices...gmd's waffle is a tiny little mini, and sgw is a full sized tube.

    you can email GMD or just wait until they list them again(should be any day)

    I got an email the other day concerning the prices so I'll just quote angi instead of paraphrasing...

    "Eric has decided that the original version works just fine... so the 7 holes with lifted waffle is going to be 85 bucks (no slide). Just FYI.... I find no problem with the high waffle and 7 holes. If someone does want the 12 hole and lowered waffle, it is going to be a significant cost more..... that is still undecided. Making the 12 holes and lowered waffle makes things a lot more difficult."

    they did just get a new lathe in so the work load won't be as heavy and he will be able to get these out quicker.
  2. ^ O baby, can't wait for a GMD tube!
  3. Has nobody got this yet? Or has there been a milk...
  4. Can't wait till monday
  5. chances are vato will be the first...keep an eye on his threads.
  6. this looks interesting, but the waffle desing looks almost identical to preston's original waffle, whats with that?
  7. yeah eric and preston are friends...eric fully admits his inspiration is preston.
    eric goes over to prestons shop every now and then too.
    prestons cool with so I guess we should be too.
  8. Preston is one of the most laid back guys in the industry. I really doubt he's stressin
  9. "Thank you for your interest in our work. We have not yet re-released the mini stemless waffle. Currently, we have a wait list for them. Let me know if you would like me to add you to this list. Everyone will be contacted as soon as we have any new news. Thank you, Eric and Angelica"

    Hopefully the re-release is soon. But i want that damn review Vato >;D!
  10. I am having GMD make a custom 90 degree 29.2mm ashcatcher. I can't wait they do great work. They are also making a custom carbon adapter and DD bowl. The mini sounds great for chilling on the couch.
  11. sounds like a beast of an ac, cant wait to see long?
  12. ahh, sounds sweet as heck then. preston openly advertised that steve from SG inspired the waffle w/ his grid tech. i am glad that gmd isnt biting.
  13. hah b/j beast a/c's for the win!
  14. whats the price tag on these mini's btw?
  15. " the 7 holes with lifted waffle is going to be 85 bucks (no slide)" -ange
  16. Just got a email will be early November. The wait should be worth it though.
  17. I am waiting on my 12 hole lowered waffle, can't wait. Gonna be a couple weeks tho :(
  18. why would you want it lowered? just less water and more actual space for smoke?
  19. Yeah less water, more bubble stackage
  20. I wish I asked for an 18mm male joint instead of the traditional female on the mini inline

    DAMN IT!

    (slamming my fist into my head;))

    if any fellow oil lovers read this...ask for this mod

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