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the waffle test

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by gone4good, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. its not a race.
  2. added to the list:smoke:

  3. Same :smoking:

  4. anything marijuana related should never be a race

  5. and it never is lol. If it were a race it would be between tortoises. tortoises with bad short-term memory.
  6. Ford wasn't the inventor of the automobile, just sayin'......
  7. Where the hell is this damn waffle. everyone is talking about it I want to see if this thing can live up to the hype

    Btw. Ford was the first person to mass produce automobiles
  8. Having no funds is no fun. I want this, but should save money... :(
  9. and implement the assembly line
  10. shouldnt we have a review on these fuckers by now?:wave:

  11. ima second that, i havent heard anything from them at gmd yet

  12. I know right vato and blood should have them by now
  13. maybe it wasnt good enough for a review, didnt want to disappoint haha;)

  14. Lol
    Maybe they sucked so bad they forgot to mention they got em....jkjkjk

  15. hahaha you never know, could be the opposite..

  16. havent gotten anything yet
    i'll let you know when I do.
  17. mine is being shiped 2day should be here monday
  18. Whats the third diffuser
  19. just a mini inline thats looks promising for oils
  20. any word on if a waffle mini is still available?

    I really would like to buy one. Just ordered a magic flight, and would like some nice glass too

    A pm would work too! I really want one of those. I wanted SGW waffle, but $80>$300 for sure

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