the waffle test

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  1. Damn guys I gotta admit, that thing is fuckin sweet, how many holes are in the waffle/ how many more can he add :bongin:
  2. there is 12 holes in the waffle, Im sure eric could add more if requested.
  3. ahhh ok, I am getting all three :eek:
    moe, larry, & curly:D

  4. secret lingo schmucks :devious:

  5. Yea thats what i heard, i was like damn blood;)

  6. Lol they gotta secret
  7. Looks great for $80, almost makes me want one. It's like a mini King Stemline with a waffle. I would say he chose 12 hole due to splash problems with more holes. On my waffle bubbler you can still suck water if you really try, and that's a lot taller.
  8. got on the waitlist for one of these bad boys, can't wait for it

  9. Gud job man, im dieing waiting for it lol
  10. Angelica told me that they don't have a set price on it, and they havent sent out production models yet, so they couldn't guarantee that anybody gets them at any price.

    Either way I'm getting mine with work on it, so my price will be different haha.

  11. good looking out, i convo'd em on etsy so we'll see wassup
  12. ha i see it now.. a whole line of these minis, with waffle, gridded stemline, 4arms, circ's, etc.

    cant wait to see the rest, im probably going to end up buying one of each lol
  13. what you want him to implement everyone else's ideas?
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    haha there will be diffusion options yes...
    only 3 options though
    no tree percs, or gridded stemlines.haha(well anythings possible, but its not planned)
    1-the waffle which is inspired by preston himself
    2-the circ is something they already offer
    3-and a final diffuser which is pretty popular but eric modified especially for this tiny tube.
  15. hmmm.... ya, fuck that guy.... how dare he make a bubb or a bong. lmao. everyone who copied snodgrass should just stop blowing glass.... right?! oh, this is an age old conversation. i love it when people think there is only 1 maker of things.1 person made the inline perc, right? 1 person made a diffused disc, right? 1 person made the showerhead, right? should we all just drive fords now... coz that is the original maker of the auto. too funny. i think... hey, if the guy's got skills 2 do it and he is respectful -- giving props where deserved... than WHY NOT! i think it's friggin' cool that someone isn't a jack hole with their prices..... pay 50 bucks just for someones name is a JOKE!

    hey humboldt.... no offense. just all in good laughs.......
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    speaking the truth
  17. Looks amazing, can't wait to get mine!
  18. not even trying to argue, its just when someone wants someone to blatantly wants someone to copy ideas for cheaper. i clearly get what your saying, i hope you get what im trying to get at. thats what makes glass so great
    with all due respect to gmd...i will probably get one myself at some point if there really what the hype is making it up to be. i guess well find out soon, how many of you people have one on the way? haha

  19. :wave:
    i will probably be the first on here
    with full un-bias review and hd pix
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    nah... after thought.... that should've been directed to ehmthree more so than u

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