the waffle test

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    this is just the tip of the iceberg...big surprises to come from eric of gmd
    [ame=]YouTube - our mini stemless waffle water test.AVI[/ame]

    edit:lowered w/12 holes
  2. Thats cooolll....... NOW I WANT A REAL MILK. I feel like ive been waiting for this moment all my life....
  3. theyll be released soon.
  4. i'm in love that looks like my dream mini tube
  5. if you wanted it as an oiler less holes could be requested...I am having some extras added to mine so it will be a few more days.
    theyre gonna be having a closet clean out sale in a couple days on the in stock items...imma pick up some slides and stuff cheap.
  6. beauty i may have to seriously consider picking one of these up as my la la land house bing just broke, maybe make this my daily driver til she gets reblown. and on top of that all these arent pricey:smoking:
  7. what the fuckkkk!!!! I want this so bad, I'm getting showerhead from them soon (hes still making it) and I didn't know that they are making these kinds of amazing mini bongs! Does anyone know how much these will be?!
  8. contact them lol
  9. u beat me to it man! cant wait 2 rip this shit open:D
  10. whats GMD? cause those are sweet....
  11. Glassmansdoll
  12. So whats this piece called? Whos eric and whats gmd. This looks like a really cool piece something Id buy. And im not much of a glass man.

  13. Eric is the blower who makes them I'm assuming. He blows for Glassmandoll, a shop on Etsy. This piece is called a Mini Stemless Waffle Bubbler. They are only $80
  14. wuddup blood!? :p u weren't kidding about the wonderful surprises! looks like u n me r the only ones who kno rite now!!! oh... n vato too!
  15. hey :)
    not sure if vato knows about the 3rd option...angi may have said something to him.
    do you know about the 3rd option vato? :confused:
  16. I wonder if preston from sgw knows about this...

  17. yes yes i do:D we're the pioneers blood:D

    no disrespect here, but if you're trying 2 start drama or some kind of bullshit on a topic that u obviously know nothing about you should really keep ur mouth shut thank you
  18. Almost always followed by a disrespectful comment. lol
  19. lol vato keeps it G:D...

  20. eric and preston are good friends, and in fact eric often goes over to prestons shop to use prestons kiln... Im positive preston knows.

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