The Wackness

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  1. :hello:

    quitea great movie, one of the two movies that gave me a good feeling after i watched it (along w/ pineapple express lol) anywayz, jush peck rules!!! and its a good drama + weed plays a nice part in d film
  2. It made u feel good man? for some reason i got kinda bummed out. Like, that suicide shit was rlly intense and Luke never got any new friends. I dunno man i got pretty sad after it. But then i saw Wanted which was so sick that i completely forgot about the bummed-outness. Both are great movies.
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    The Wackness = Dazed and Confused spliced with American Beauty

    I loved it it did bum me out but it was a great film full of big laughs but still serious

    Squires: What are you in here for ?
    Crazy inmate: I stabbed my wife in the pussy

    The Music made this film tho it was The best Soundtrack since Dazed and Confused even better though. Biggie,Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Rakim, Bowie.. If you like this soundtrack check out this Valentines day playlist from Oh word magazine tho it's pretty cool Devin The Dude, Common, The Roots, Meth & Tribe ect..
  4. yea bro the first time i watched this i was watchin it for days its so badass

  5. definatley! that was good rap moosic, before soulja boy and his fuckin clones fucked it up. and i dont think im emo ( a sad stoner ppeeshaww) but it was feel good like "damn, that was a good movie about life...and weed" plus i love pschology, i fealt it was a sign that i should pursue it
  6. I really liked this film.
  7. The wackness is a good movie for sure
  8. very good film reccomend it to everyone.
  9. If any1 could PM a link where I could watch this online would b super
  10. WOW dude... just WOW...

    i actually got up off my couch and applauded involuntarily as i came up stairs to post this

    FINALLY after dozens and dozens of so-so movies one comes along to blow me away
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    We watched this a few weeks ago and I really liked it. Ben Kingsley was great in it, and I have to admit I was very impressed with Josh Peck's acting. My 9 year old is a huge fan of Drake and Josh on Nickelodeon, so I was expecting it to be the Lameness.

    I loved that it took place in 1994... I graduated from high school in '95, and met my husband in '94 so there was quite a bit of nostalgia there. I LOVED the soundtrack. Even though I was more in to Phish and other jam bands, that was the music my husband listened to back then.
  12. yea this surprised the hell outta me...
    shit was tight on so many different levels...
    this is 1 of those movies u watch like wat the fuck, then it switches up and ur like this movie is krazy as hell...
    and every 15 minutes ur either dying laughing or mumbling only wen im high...this movie is real..
    definitely a gud flick, u wont be disappointed if ur a fan of herb, 90's hip hop, comedy, teen love story (but not corny), smoke sumtin and chill...


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