The Volcano has arrived....

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by chullen1, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. The Volcano has arrived...............
    I really like it and only paid $470. I have a easy valve and works great usually start at 5.5 and move up from there. Get like 4 to 6 good bags. Actually just did a bong rip and 2 Volcano Bags and am ripped trying to type this.
    Here are some pics:

    This was great investment and don't regret it.
  2. Lol oh man, your first picture finally made me realize why they call it a do I feel like a burn out.
  3. I must say make me JEALOUS AS FUCK. Nice pickup though, I have a California vapor co. vape. I payed like 170 for.
  4. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine. In fact I think I'll go hit a bag now in celebration of your good news :p
  5. Where'd you buy it from for only 470?
  6. pm me for details
  7. +rep. I thought I was the only one lol. I feel like such a bum for not putting two and two together.

    +rep to the OP too. Have fun with that.
  8. nice gong what type is that?
  9. i want a vape...
  10. So sick dude, have fun vaping!
  11. 470? Got dam
  12. chullen1, CONGRATS.

    Sick fucking bong too. I'm really wanting a bong soon

    Edit: Are those Jennings JS-150 scales? If so, I have the SAME ones. Best $30 or less scale that I'vE EVER owned.
  13. 470$? Ill rather just roll a blunt for 70 cents!
  14. The attitude of ignorance.
  15. Its a True Blue Dot Glass. Cost me 175 w/o the diffuser and ash catcher.

    Thinking about getting a vapor dome also. The scale is a JS- 600V, it was about sixty bucks.

    I would rather smoke out of a vape anyday then still inhale tons of shit.
  16. Nice volcano man, so expensive though.. ENJOY! :smoke:
  17. congrats dude, way to make an investment in your health and your wallet. vaporizing is truely an amazing phenomenon. and you got the best of the best :hello:

    wont be long before she pays for'll find that you use hardly any bud to get high.
  18. yeah it works great I usually will vape a few bags and be set or 2 bags and one or two bong hits and be set
  19. LOL I knew those were Jennings scales, I'd find it wicked hard to put 600g on there. 150 is plenty for me haha
  20. Very nice! I wish I would just spring and get one. I have the vaporbro's but I'd imagine the volcano is super high-quality.

    Love vaping, but nice bong too!

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