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Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, May 22, 2003.

  1. me and mate found out how to get the voices in your head! thats right roll up and listen (not hard its only by chance he found out)

    Right you know when your falling asleep just sit there and when you reach that nearly asleep point when your half and half your mind starts going crazy you can hear all kinds of voices you can make out what they say but a minute later you've forgeten its mad!
  2. i knew it a while ago i thought every1 knew but i told my mate,who didnt know, so then i thouight other people didn't know. so its a mix of people who do and people who dont?

    p.s. excuse my non-sensical ravings!
  3. like other ppl voices? like ppl i dont know or what? I hear my voice all the time, i talk to myself a lot.... somtimes i cartman talks to me....
  4. yeah other voices,the weirdest one i ever had was like a womans voice talking, they sound like there talking to some1 but no1 replys so you think there talking to you
  5. thats freaky, when im about to fall asleep, i fall asleep. I have trouble sleeping at night because i am paranoid and afraid of the dark... i hate the dark w/ a flaming passion.
  6. i first experienced it when i was just lying there really tierd but kinda drifting in an out of sleepingness just thikng when isuddenly herd this kids voice along side my 'thinking' voice like there were two in my head scared me shitless
  7. I hope i dont ever hear those... i would freak out badly and prolly end up screaming and throwing shit
  8. im so glad i wasn't stoned i'd have been paranoid bout them all night lol
  9. its great when you got nothing better to do
  10. lol........... i knew that a while ago also.
  11. okay well my predication was correct... i was really bakes last night (3 bongs and 4 bowls of nugz) i decided to listen to the voices... not a good idea, i started freakin out when i heard this guy that sounded like a really mean santa.... like really mean, he was talking about killing ppl and shit... not good, i freaked out when i looked in my mirror becauase i thought i saw him behind me, so i broke the mirror. Somehow my parents didn't wake up though so it was all good. im gonna try it again tonight sober

  12. Hmmmmm.

    That explains why the voices in my head keep telling me, "told must be eliminated. He knows too much about us.":D

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