the visually impaired and drugs

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  1. so without breaking any rules, im curious, what are your thoughts on the visually impaired and their use of drugs?

    how would someone who is either completely blind or nearly blind, with bad depth perception or out-of-focus focussed 'tunnel' vision :)smoke:) perceive their world differently after taking a fat bong rip (or 5)?

  2. Chronic is different than other drugs though, not as strong, not as many hallucinations. Not that I think vision is necessary at all for hallucinations.

    I'm scared i'll get banned if I write more. :eek:

  3. I think they'd enjoy it as much as anyone else. I mean, maybe not psychadelics, but I'm sure things that are more physical they'd enjoy just as much.
  4. i know.... this is a touchy subject but im just so damn curious!!

    i know they wouldn't trip when smoking, obviously, but i wonder how their perception/world would differ than if they were sober...
  5. you talking like psy's? hallucigens?

    I wish I could be in a blind persons shoes for a day.

  6. [​IMG]
  7. seriously though, imagine being someone who can only see what's 12 inches in front of their feet, with limited depth perception. hard to imagine, but try... now imagine being that person and smoking a fat bowl of dank, or even a few bowls, to where they get 'super baked', or whatever. just them getting to the point of being high, like, really high (like me!) and trying to do any regular day-to-day activity.

    i work at a bar/cigar bar downtown in the city where i live, and i happen to live only a few blocks away, in the historic and old part of the city. but at this bar we have a guy who comes in often, one of our regulars. usually smokes an acid blondie or cojimar flavored. typically drinks pbr. and he happens to be visually impaired - limited depth perception down low and the inability to see in front of him.

    sometimes, he comes into the bar with a shirt with just a pot leaf on it that says 'legalize it' on it. i have always commented on his shirt, and we have talked about bud on various occasions.

    its just hard for me to imagine what it would be like to be under the influence of something that changes your perception, feeling, sight, and everything else as someone who is limited in ways that most of us are not....

  8. Does nothing to my vision, but my hearing gets honed into things I usually wouldn't hear.

    Ie. woman sitting on the front of a crowded noisy bus, I'm on the back and start to hear whispering, about 10 mins later I realized it was the lady talking on the phone quietly, which is strange because the bus was so loud

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