The victim complex of prohibitionists

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  1. Seems alot of the time when i read arguments or participate in debates with the other side a common theme seems to always emerge. Some sense of victimization by your use. Iv'e even had one person tell me to: get an island and suck up all the drugs you want"

    Where does this sort of victim thing come from? propaganda? a shitty person from their past who happened to smoke? Either way i dont know, but it's fun countering that sort of argument when they make it.
  2. When do we leave for the island?
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    Any time I speak to people with this attitude, the discussion usually goes no where. People are so brain washed and can't think for them selves. Many anti drug users still use drugs, just legal ones, many of which are far more addictive and dangerous than others. My old co worker found out I smoked weed and started calling me a drug addict. Even though he smoked 40 cigarettes a day, and drank heavily most nights of the week, hypocrites.
    The best way to silence these morons is to ask they why is hemp illegal with all of its benefits? They never have an answer. All in all, they're just another brick in the wall!
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    Too many confounds to pin causation of one thing. Some of these people might have seen a substance destroy the lives of someone close to them but fundamentally I think many of them are authoritarian, which I'm not using as a nefarious misnomer. The ones I've talked to mostly agree people, for the better of society, shouldn't be allowed absolute freedom. They look at it as substances that destroy communities but often ignore the correlation with prohibition, the black market and supply and demand. That there should be some oversight on some level from the community or state. Its rare today I see someone hard prohibition for all substances, it's equally rare for me to see some hard pro-legalization for all substances, both camps usually sit on the fence somewhere. "Well this is okay if you do a, b or c in the privacy of your home, don't let it affect your family, occupation or community or there will be consequences.", "everything should be decriminalized but x, y and z are too hard and need to be regulated to some extent".

    Culture and education are also a major part. It takes roughly three generations for an idea to shift dramatically, die out or indoctrinate.
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  5. I think there is irony to be found when someone does not want to be negatively affected by someone else's decisions, but promotes the most punitive consequences for the decisions of others, which don't necessarily even affect anyone.

    The prohibitionist mindset is rife with hypocrisy. The property values argument has been used in so many other shitty arguments, and it's always just an excuse to justify their own stance on what is truly right. I don't find any reason to get involved in talking to people like that. There is no benefit.
  6. It's rooted in ignorance. How could you possibly place judgment on something you know nothing about? Yet, most of the people who are in positions (at least until recently) did exactly that. I've seen politicians stand up and proudly state they've never touched the stuff but it's HORRIBLE and will send your children down a path of drug abuse...FOR SURE! Hey, I would much rather my kids use MJ than ever touch alcohol...which I consider a much greater threat overall. Now those same politicians are starting to change their tune a bit because they're incredibly greedy and enjoy spending our tax dollars on all forms of BS. I look for federal legalization within the next few years just for the money they can get. And as usual, we can also expect them to screw things up really good because they haven't a clue what they're doing. It would be perfectly fine with me if it remained illegal in my state from now on simply because I don't want them dictating anything at all about what I can grow, it's strength, etc. A little over 20 yrs ago, we moved to the middle of nowhere...on purpose. The further I am away from people these days, the more secure I feel. It also affords me the freedom to do what I enjoy and not be bothered by nosy individuals who have no business knowing my business. I feel much safer among the critters than I do living around people in 2017...which is pretty damn sad. TWW
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  7. It's human nature to want to control things that aren't meant to be controlled.. ... or just going the wrong way about it.

    Look at the Philippines, and how much support Duterte has been gathering. Just as you thought that the world is waking up and becoming more informed and intellectual, all of the sudden .. some douchebag gets elected and takes you a century back in time. And it's not just Duterte.... :rolleyes:

    The bottom line is .. humanity is just evil, and Earth is a hell-hole. There's no hope.. other than perpetual civil disobedience.

    There will never be world peace, enlightenment, global separation of church and state, etc. We were born to command and conquer, to hunt and kill, to maim and torture. Life is War.
  8. I disagree, there is good in man too but neither are our default state. There is order and chaos, freedom and authority, white and black. All coexist inside us and out. I'm cynical as can be but not pessimistic, "high hope, low expectation.".

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