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  1. Starting this late as well , these girls have been in the greenhouse from clones back in may . [​IMG][​IMG]
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  2. Strains - superman OG , ThinMint GSC , Grand Daddy Purp , Poison Og , from Front to back .

    Medium - happy frog soil and perlite , I also added hydroton pellets. In 7 gal pots , placed in the ground .

    Amendments - earthworm castings , bat guano, sea kelp , Epsom salt , calcium .

    Nutrients - floranova grow , calmag plus , seaweed extract , molasses .

    Temps - not really paying much attention to temp or humidity as I can't control nature . But I have placed exhaust fans and box fans for air circulation. Seeing how this summer is hot as the devils ass.

    Well there it is in a nutshell , I'm super stoked to be doing this outdoor grow because it's the first I've attempted. Tell me what you think so far would love the feedback . I'm somewhat of a novice grower , I've been growing for 9 months and have two indoor grows under my belt as well as a 3rd on the way . And this is all legal medical grows , I'm a disabled veteran and medicate to ease my symptoms.
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  3. [​IMG]

    This is from back on June 19
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  4. [​IMG]

    And this is when I first put them out back in the end of May ( around the 20th I believe) before this they were indoors in solo ups for about a week to get some roots and the clones before that for about 10 days .
  5. If the heat is too high buy some window screen and place it on the sides and roll up the plastic some. That will help alot with temps, my greenhouse can hit 110 some days even with open the sides. I only keep my long flowering girls in there and move them in when they are almost too big to fit through the door. It works out close to 3.4k BTU of heat per square meter or roughly nine square feet on a sunny day.
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  6. Well the heat here has been up to 110 alone so in my greenhouse it's gotten up to 125 but the plants do fine , I use seaweed extract it helps with the heat stress substantially. But I don't see much issues with the heat .
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  7. Thank you for the advice though !
  8. Eventually the girls close the stoma on the leaves when the temperatures are high to conserve water. During this period they are unable to move nutrients and will slow growth.
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  9. Oh trust me my girls are drinking like crazy , I hear what your saying but I don't go by the book . I go by feel and reading my plants . So far no ill effects that I can tell .
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  10. Except one plant on the left had some yellowing from a pest issue I've since handled
  11. It is not something that is going to cause noticable damage but it can effect yeilds. I have hit 125 a bunch before but I try to avoid it as much as possible. That is why I keep my girls in the greenhouse in 20 gal pots so I can keep them outside until they get to big. I have ran 65s in the past but they are to heavy to move and have always been smaller then same cuts in cooler outside temps. Btw which branch, former army guy here.
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  12. Army myself , but dude you got me confused as hell I know heat can hurt yields but I also know plants love them in veg . I'm vegging now , when flowering comes temps will be cooler . And your moving around 20gal pots wtf ?
  13. It is how plants work, in order for them to move carbohydrates, minerals, hormones and water they have to a difference in vapor pressure. This process is controlled on the underside of the leaves by gates called stoma. When they are exsposed to high temperature they close inorder to protect the plant from excessive water loss which also means the elevator up the stem stops. So during the period of high temperatures they effectively stop photosynthesis once the nutrients in the leaves are used up for the process. So if extreme temperatures are present for say 6 hours of the day, you may only be getting 2/3 of the potential energy possible out of an 18 hour day. Once conditions are correct they will continue to move nutrients including during the night but you may be losing some of your prime light needed to produce carbohydrates to fuel growth. Their is no set temperature for when this happens because it varies by the strain, pheno or type of plant but for some it starts as low as 85f. The same thing also applies to excessive humidity, if the air is full of water the leaves can only transfer small amounts into the air because the difference water pressure is small again slowing the flow of water and nutrients from the root tips to the leaves.
    Yeah 20s are my happy zone, they weigh maybe 80-100 partially dry, I try not to move them much but doable. I have some various trees I move out in summer and back to a protected area for winter which are in 30s but that is about my limit unless I have them on pallets.
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  14. Thanks for the lesson in the science of plants that I already knew lol I know what a stomata is I know quite a bit about cannabis ( not to toot my own horn ) I also know that science is flawed . And plants are reactionary, and resilient as hell . They will adjust to conditions ( it might not be " optimal growth " but still is growing just fine) . This is all for personal medical use , not trying to win an award . But I think everything so far has gone great and the temps aren't effecting anything. So not saying your wrong I agree with you a bit but not really saying your right either .how about we wait and see what ends up happening.
  15. Nice to meet some fellow Army Brothers. I myself was in from 97-05. Been growing for over 7 years, year round indoors and outdoors. If you need any growing advice feel free to ask me. Living in NorCal has taught me a lot.

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  16. I was 02-10, been seriously growing since I got out, actually was on terminal leave when I started to deal with what I broke since the VA is garbage. Granted I am leaving out my grows of White Widow in the closet and a few guerilla grows as a kid in the 90s. Saw you on yzfirecats thread kronic. I actually started poking around here while I was still in Afghanistan, knew at the time that I was done when the reenlistment officer started bugging me saying my contract was up but he had no money to offer me and that I was on priority one orders for the unit scheduled to replace us so I would stay another year overthere. Needless to say I decided it was time to quit.
  17. Glad to have some veteran buddies on here but I'm not into talking ARMY these days ya know. Just know I was in from 2006-2012 . Very touchy subject for me .
  18. Nice grow, greenhouse plants love the extra heat, especially during the night when temps drop. Haven't noticed slowed growth or any problems with high heat, sometimes it gets upward s to 100+ inside. I'd reccomend a simple spray down of the entire green house including plants with regular water, it will significant cool the area.
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  19. Yea I do that from time to time , also raises humidity for a bit . What area of the country are you gree housing it up at I'm southwest .
  20. My time in the Army was some of the best and worst times of my life. VA definitely sucks ass. Only thing they do is give veterans pills. Since I started using cannabis I stopped using all but 2 prescriptions. What part of the country are you? In in NorCal near Sacramento.

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