The veterans Grand daddy Purp 400w cob led x2 by roleadro

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  1. So this is my first run of Grand daddy purple under these roleadro cobs , I've flowered a different strain under them before and they worked pretty well .

    The setup -

    Tent - 10 x 10 x 7 ( only using one corner for the GDP a 3x5 section )

    Lighting - 2 roleadro 400w cob led

    Medium - happy frog soil in 2gal pots with added earthworm castings and high p bat guano (roots organics) .

    Nutrients - floranova bloom , liquid koolbloom, calmag plus , molasses , seaweed extract , top dress with earthworm castings , Epsom salt, and high p bat guano .

    Temp - (day 86) ( night 82 )

    Humidity - (day 35) (night 40-45)

    Starting a little late on the posting but the ladies are starting the 3rd week today of flower . [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Watered the girls with some seaweed extract and Epsom salts . Looking good so far week 3 started yesterday.[​IMG] tell me what you think , opinions please .
  3. Looking good a little stretchy but they should stack very nice. I'm interested in COBs just haven't got to dropping the money on them looks like they are working very well
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  4. Yea no they stretched a bit because of the genetics and I like them to get like that , like you said it stacks up nice . But for cheap Chinese leds they are doing well . I did one scrog with them in the past . [​IMG] that's it here .
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  5. [​IMG]

    Close up of top from the scrog I did with these same cobs. The cobs are nice , I pulled a half pound off 4 plants . And it was my first grow ever. This was last year .
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  6. And that's a half pound of good buds , there were like 3 ounces of popcorn . And i never weighed the trim , made some good ice hash though. I found the quality is better with led.
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  7. That is super nice man crazy colors i plan to scrog my next grow. I'm going to stick with led's but gunna at least double my wattage for my next grow to scrog and double veg time

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  8. Yea LEDs are nice , the cobs are best from what I hear . I haven't tried any other leds but the cobs I have I like the results . The light stresses the plants just right to get some cool stuff out of the genes .
  9. Do you transplant or do you Keep them in the 2gal pots? I've got mine in 5-gal which ended up being a little tall. For My next grow I was thinking of 3-gals. Your plants don't get rootbound in those 2gals?

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  10. Normally I transplant before flower about a week before . With these I decided to stay in 2gal to see how it turned out . So far so good , I thought that most people say one foot per gallon of soil . So far these are 4 ft tall in 2 gal pots.
  11. Yeah I never know as I LST and SCROG the shit outa mine lol. I'm thinking 3-gal should work next time without letting them get rootbound

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