the very tip of my nose hurts what the fuck

Discussion in 'General' started by hiimhi, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. not the top side of my nose, but the part in between the breathing holes. There's no zits or anything and the skin doesn't hurt, but when i touch it, it hurts like a mofucka

    The way I can describe the feel..

    You know when you got that bad bruise, and you poked it to see it change color///how it felt,
    that's how it i have a bruise on my nose

    what the fuck:confused::confused::confused:
  2. I dont know so im gonna go with my gut was aliens
  3. Pimple bro

    It just hasnt surfaced yet
  4. Supposedly tip of your nose feels like g spot in the vagine and same skin over both. A replica :eek:
  5. Sorry bro, but you're dying.

  6. The fuck?
  7. there is a pressure point there man... maybe you were sucking your bong to hard and fucking hurt yourself...

    oh yeah... your probably dying...

  8. Lol i bet everyone who read that touched the tip of their nose!!

    I know i did!
  9. Straight up its the truth forgot what its called but that's what My professor said and everyone touched their tip.....of their nose lol. Ira the curved part the ball like part curves from your frenulum to roof of nasal cavity

  10. this is most likely the situation

  11. Agreed I hate zits in on your nose or inside same with in your ears or by your lips.
  12. Brain tumor..........
  13. You got punched in your sleep
  14. You got a severe fatal brain tumour that will FUCK YOU UP!!!
  15. Dude it's just a pimple, as someone said, that hasn't shown yet, or most likely an ingrown hair. Ouch! Just wait til it gets bigger and pop that bitch.
  16. pimple ever came about so i think it was just the fact that i passed out on my face and maybe like slept on my nose:confused::confused::confused:

    kinda like when you sleep all weird and you wake up and your arm is asleep/hurts...except my nose

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