The Velvet Lady - a few questions about buying and usage.

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  1. Hello blades, I'm about to purchase some Salvia from the site and was wondering a couple of things, I hope you can help me with some of my doubts.

    Ok so my best friend and I intent to make a camping trip to last a couple of weeks, we will brave the wilds while smoking some weed, hunting for some shrooms but also we wanted to try Salvia at one of the stops.

    Here in my country we don't have any law for it yet, but you never know when this kinda thing will change, so I wanted to ask if someone that has already tried got theirs from the main site, if so, how was it sent? envelope? package?, I basically want to know if I'll have to go pick it up at the mailing office or if it will come straight to my hands.

    The other thing is what you guys recommend we do for our first time?, I have read some crazy stories about the trips people get, we are thinking on trying 10X, we want to have a strong trip but don't want to abuse it either, so I wanted advice from the voice of experience :D

    So yeah that's it, thanks in advance for any help offered :smoke:
  2. I dont know how the Postal service works in venezuela, but here in america it will usually come right to your house. Probably in one of those manilla envelopes. But like i said im not really sure.

    I would recomend 20x for your first time, thats what i had and absolutly loved it. It took a few trys to break through on 20x so I would think that 10x would be that much harder, and IMO if you dont break through salvia sucks (weird body and kinda zoned out feeling). But when you break through it can be fun as hell, especially if your in nature.

    When your trying to hit it, make sure you pack a whole bowl full, preferably in a bong or a bubble as it allows you to take bigger hits. Try to cash the whole bowl in one hit (it sounds kinda hard and theres no way I could do that with weed, but I could with salvia) Keep the lighter on the bowl the whole time i.e. dont let it cherry. And once you take your hit, hold it in for ~30 seconds. You'll feel it hit hard at around the 27th second, and if you did it right, your world should explode.

    Dont worry about abusing it. Salvia isnt something you really wanna do everyday. Its kinda like a once in a while thing. Although when me and my friends bought 2gs I did it like everyday for a week lol. And dont listen to people that say they had a bad trip on it or whatever, Just go into it with an open mind. I know I had one of the most fun times ive ever had on any substance on salvia with a couple friends in a park late at night. It lasts about 15min sometimes a little longer, But you and your friend can just take turns doing it.

    There seems to be a really strong urge to laugh when you do salvia, nothings even funny just a laughing reflex, so dont think anythings wrong if you or your friend starts laughing for no reason. And also if your standing up, spinning around is popular. It was wierd I was spinning around but my frame of sight (or whatever its called) never changed.

    Also one more thing, when your tripping on salvia, nothing you know matters, it will put you into a whole new world with new memories. My friend who tripped with me in that park said "I though i was in a train world and I was Thomas the tank engine, And Id been a train for as long as i remember and that this was a normal day" But he had alot of fun. Which brings me to another point. In my experience salvia tends to pick a topic at random (trains for my friend) and go with it and your whole trip will revolve around that topic, no real way to control it but just go with the flow.

    Overall thats what its about having fun, just treat the substance with respect as you become "allied" with it. Maybe try to learn something from it, but in my experiences its pretty hard to really gather any information about yourself from it, more of just a fun experience. Oh and i suggest doing it at night, it seems to make the trips much more vivid, and colorful.

    If you need anymore info just let me know :D
  3. don't waste your hard earned money on salvia, it wont be what you want. Its a pretty much incapacitating and uncontrollable trip. i wouldnt recommend it to anyone, and i didnt even have a bad trip, ive been sittin on half a g of extract cuz i dont wanna do it nor any of my friends, ive had it for years. haha
  4. Hey man, just because you didnt like it doesnt mean that everyone doesnt. I loved it, and so did 3 of my other friends that tried it. Ya it is uncontrollable and I guess incapacitating, but its only for like 15min, and its so visual its crazy. Ive never seen such real/colorful hallucinations on any other substance.
  5. it really is a waste of money. the trip if you do it right, pretty much causes you to go blind. you see nothing that is real and have no control over ANYTHING your doing.

  6. Man, spread around some good vibes.

    If he's interested, he's interested and I'm sure your case is not the only effects of Salvia, obviously the extract you got wasn't for you.

    I was stunned by the second post and the details DMG included, real constructive and I completely agree.

    Don't say that' it "pretty much makes you blind"... It's all about how you handle it and what type of person you are, if you go into it with a negative attitude it will certianly reflect so.

    Good luck, OP, enjoy and sounds like an awsome time :wave:
  7. Haha thank you Onelove. Ya, one day las summer I was just driving around cruisin and smoking with my friend and jokingly I said "dude you wanna go to dallas and get salvia" because its illegal in oklahoma. Well it was only like 2 in the afternoon and we had nothing to do that day, so we decided to give it a shot. The trip down and back fucking sucked it was like 6hours cuz we got stuck in 5'o clock traffic in dallas. For the next Week we smoked it alot, starting small in dosages and working our way up. Something I would personally not suggest, as it seems like theres really only 2 levels of salvia, breaking through, or not.

    I only really broke through twice, and one of em was kinda weird where I thought my door was a guy in a white suit that I owed money too, but it wasnt that fun. The other time I broke through was at the park with my friends at like 1am. It was so much fun. I was the 2nd to hit it, the first not breaking through, and the third being my train friend. Well when i hit it I was just staring at these trees. I remember counting to 30, at the 20th second I could kinda see soemthing comming up from the trees, there were 2 paths I could take, left or right, I chose left (i think). and by then I was at the 30 second mark and shit went crazy. All of the sudden everything in my vision kind of went away and all that was there was this tunnel type thing colored red and white. On either sides there were probably 4(per side) people who I understood to be making candycanes. They kept asking me (not really verbally but I just understood that thats what they wanted) to help them make candycanes, but i was trying to explain to them that I couldnt because I was far too fucked up. All the while just spinning around and laughing to my friends. Shit was fun.

    Oh and just a little side note, MAKE SURE that when your done hitting it that you give the peice to your friend immediatly or else I can almost garuntee that it will end up broken.
  8. Ha, there must be so much salvia sitting in peoples stashes

    I've got some 35x sitting around since last year. I keep looking at it like I'll want it someday. But everytime I think about it I'm like fuck that shit, maybe some other time, and that time never comes
  9. Damn you all with salvia sitting around send it to me lol.

    But ya I understand Its not something you really wanna do that often. Although every once and awhile im just like damn some salvia would be sweet right now.
  10. @DMG_KUSH:

    Thanks dude!, your post answered most of my doubts, but mainly it gave me confidence, I think I have done the homework and like you said, my goal is to become "allied" with salvia and break through to a new reality :devious:


    Thanks!, I hope it goes as we have planned, if so we will have the time of our lives :smoke:, I'm almost scared to come back to the city a completely different person :p.

    As for the other not so positive replies, thank you too ;), I sort of expected to have a divided discussion and that's what helps someone make a decision, although I agree that saying something like "pretty much makes you blind" is irresponsible, if I didn't knew about the plant before hand you could make me believe that salvia poses a risk to my eyesight, when as far as I know the substance is completely harmless.

    Anyhow, I have decided to get 3 of the 10X, since is almost 10 bucks cheaper then the 20X, and I think we'll be able to get what we are looking for, as long as we smoke the right quantity in the right way (this is where erowid comes in handy).

    Once again, gotta love this community, thanks!
  11. No problem man, theres alot of people out there that don't like or don't respect salvia, but it is truely an experience.

    I wouldn't worry too much about being a changed person. Like I said its kinda hard to learn anything from it, as it just kinda picks a random topic. Although I feel like it made me more positive, an afterglow if you will, for a couple weeks.

    Good luck, and much love :)
  12. Save your cash and find some DMT. :D
  13. if your ready to meet god, take some saslvia. a dark room with trance music is best - at least from my psychdelic experience.
  14. i didnt mean blind as a long term effect... i meant during the trip.. if you dont break through then the "blindness" wont set in. once you break through your not going to see anything thats really around you, . until you start coming down. i didnt mean to mislead you in any way i just wanted you to know the reality of whats going to happen.
  15. Thats true actually. Your current surroundings will for the most part disappear, but its not like you cant see anything, its just that your vision is replace with that which salvia wants you to see.
  16. The last time I did salvia extract, my brother and his friends were watching me. Took a huge bowl in two hits out of a bong. They said I laughed for 15 minutes stopping only to ask if I was sweating to much. All I felt was like that carnival ride that spins and glues you to the wall, but in my chair. When I finally "landed" the bong was still in my hand. This was not my first experience, but it has been my last. Finally gave a way the half a gram I had left. No one really does it that I know, well, they've done it but are over it.
  17. thats exactly what i meant. if you want to do salvia have fun. hopefully youll have a good time. ive just had plenty of experiences and the outcome isnt something that id ever pay for. but its a crazy experience and youll have plenty to talk about for the next few days. after doing salvia i find myself at with no way to explain my tryp but i have the need to tell someone my experience.
  18. Dont waste your money on it just buy more weed with it. I did it once and i did trip for about 3mins and it wasnt a good feeling and its quite possibly the worst tasteting stuff out there~!
  19. I went for 15x extract on my first time, and it was a great experience.

    Like people before me have said, the best place is in a dim room, with close friends and no negative vibes, with some really chilled music on and no tv! :)

    Another thing people have said, about this "blindness" thing, it is true to an extent, everything around you becomes distorted to the point where nothing is really recognisable until you're coming down, but in this sort of tripped out haze or "blindness" you can see images and patterns and it's great...

    Highly recommend Salvia :)
  20. Lol too late I guess, I already ordered 3 of the 10X ones, with some gold member 25% discount coupon it wasn't that expensive, now to wait like a month until it gets here, worthless postal service :rolleyes:

    I'm really looking forward to the day when we'll hit it!, and if nothing turns out as I expected I could just sell it as it's really hard to get this stuff down here, so I'll be updating of my experience when the day comes :D


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