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Discussion in 'Grasscity Contests' started by Jack - The Vault, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Lol and we both woohoo'd!

    Jynx you owe me a coke TJ!
  2. Found it lol
  3. how did you get to the right place? im lost, "help!"
  4. Click the 420 Network for all the comps
  5. thank you ill try again now!
  6. Welcome Duggy!! Glad to see you here too!!!;)
  7. Does the vault have a book with all the strains jack has? If so could I give my email address so I can have one it wouldn't be quite so
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    This is a picture if a tinny bud off the sour kush I potash burned lesson learned. But here it is I still have heard time getting around and finding you. I told my wife a little while ago I'm ready to move to the UK. Well I guess like I said have hard time where I can get pictures on some how
  9. im always abiut milty gees dont move here its illegal to grow and well weather shit all the time lol

    auto help page if you need help with autoflowers

    new vote page sept please vote
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    Well fuck that how you guys got it good when it comes to getting those eggs. There microwaved before they each us I swear
  11. Ahh right we can own seeds legally as souverneers but we should not germinate them its a bit of a fucked up rule but thats how it is i can walk intona seed shop buy up whatbever they gave and go home no problems lol but if we get caught it anything from a coution to 14 yeara inside the latter being rare normallys for personal stuff its a fine and a criminal record. So thats a bit shit tbh but it better than buying it from some.dodgy guy who actully knows sweet fa about cannabis

    auto help page if you need help with autoflowers

    new vote page sept please vote
  12. For the most part if you don't any or have $25/$35dallors for there decide strain which has been c99 all year than these sour kushes I'm running shit it could be messed genetics there because there's no one really in the state that knows how to fucking grow. I could have a job in dispensary 2hrs away but shit I need to keep learning. Although the woman said she would send me Albuquerque New Mexico where her brother has a huge growing plantation
  13. Oh like I said a little slow congrats on the winnings.
  14. The guys that won you wanna share with the twenty or so guy that did try share the love!!! J.k would be nice though congrats!

  15. I guess I didn't win?
  16. comp still goes till wednesday winner annouced thursday.
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    just ordered a 3 pack of blue mammoth auto fem.,a 4 pack of ww x bigbud fem.,and a freebie rqs spk #1 and found out i won a 10 pack of the ww x big bud fem. and a vault tee im super stoked on the vault and its crew i ve never won anything in my life till now thank you guys!!! you too can win beans...for real! all last friday !cant wait to get my beans...
  18. The seeds are near my friend
    Thanks Jack

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