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  1. I am writing about the monthly giveaway, I am now single living on disability since I fell off a two story rooftop I get 853 dollars a month and I pay 500 dollars rent plus elec,gas,water and phone leaving me less than broke. And I live in chronic pain and have bad anxiety attack since I lost my 14_yr old son in 2010 my wife took our boys and moved to be near her family......... Jp
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  2. Hey man sorry to here about your misfortunes... sub to this thread and comment your story here

    The Vault: Free monthly seeds for worthy causes

    The guys at the vault are awesome people and you could win some free seeds there that later can help with your pain man... good luck and best wishes for ya brother

    check out my journal and chill Jeeps indoor grow, first journal
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  3. The new Milty

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