The Vault is throwing a party and giving out prizes

Discussion in 'Grasscity Contests' started by George - The Vault, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. Congrats prepp,enjoy your prize!
  2. Im gona enjoy watching him grow them out :) hes one hell of a gardener and a wealth of knowledge
  3. thank you geo. And the vault for the opportunity to enter in this raffle,keep up the great service you guys provide "if you make it they will come"!
  4. Nice win prepper congrats :)
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  7. Congrat!!!! Much deserved

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    Cheers! Thanks @TheVault :)
  9. WTG, Prepper [​IMG]
  10. Would love to see some free beans for spring.
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    dis be over
  12. Our Boy Milty...............
  13. Oh I also was really wondering if anyone has gotten beans from Nirvana that where auto but needed 12/12 to get them going so just growing as if they where photos. Humm?
  14. Put it in before my question but thanks STIGGYMATA that almost made me share with my phonys on FB but my GC family seeing it is nice enough. But thank you thank you! Lol have incredible days all my brothers and sister blades
  15. Not a big fb fan...
    this is my facebook
  17. Fuk me I have the worst luck lol gj every one congratulations
  18. im in if its still going
  19. lol maybe a little reading would be beneficial... 
  20. Although i don't like fb, congrats for your 10k likes.. !
    I'd have posted on it too, but don't - for obvious reasons... ( security etc. ) !
    I might spend voucher on " jacks' magic beans"..! ha.. !

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