The Vault is throwing a party and giving out prizes

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  1. I close my eyes and this is all I keep seeing

  2. i must have missed some easter hunt
  3. R.I.P to all those easter eggs that weren't found this weekend [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. 2 words  pink amnesia...come on now lol
  5. Couple hrs and we will all know!...who's got the beans?...good luck to all of you who have entered!
  6. I think everyone should get 1 bean, but I'd be happy to take them all. [​IMG]
  7. Fingers crossed and gd luck all 😊
  8. Good luck all.
    one year i hid loads of creme eggs all over my flat for my girlfriend in unusual and silly places, however i was very drunk at the time and we were finding melted messes for months lol
  10. The winners of The Vaults 10,000 FB likes party are:
    Stuart Dugdale
    Elisha Hughes
    Jason White
    Eric T. Rogers
    Ken Mcfarlane
    420 Connect:
    You all win a £30 dicount code to use at
    Can the FB winners PM The Vault page to receive their code please. The blog winner will be emailed via the email used to post and GrassCity and 402Connect winners will receive a PM on the respective site with their code.
    Big thanks to all who entered. We will be back very soon with some more awesome competitions and promos including a GrassCity members only one :)

  11. Grats prepper :D
    George can you ask Jack to text me please if hes there.
    Thanks again the vault!
  12. Once Again
    BIG Thank You
    To The Vault
    Thank You
    George & Jack
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    gratz prepper
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    Congrats prepper
  15. Beautiful! Pepper recently schooled me on dolomite lime! Definitely a smart dude, im glad he won. Cant wait to see what he picks with!

    Congratulations everyone and clearly thanks Jack, George and the whole Vault crew.

    Also wanted to mention The Vault is sponsoring the infamous solo competition! These guys have no boundaries for the GC community, they go above and beyond everytime. I can honestly say I wont be ordering from any other banks and wont be entering any other competitions other then vaults. They show me and the GC family too much love, I gotta stop cheating on them ;-)
  16. Thanka guys it gone to a well deserving guy on gc congrats prepper :) what you goung to get..
  17. Dam this irish luck ....Congrats pep lol
  18. Lol i remember finding shit a month later. My dad suffered from crs so i come by it honestly lol
    CONGRATS PREPPER! ill go get him. Send him a message
  19. Congrats to the winners.

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