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  1. Here are my goodies. Pretty sure I posted elsewhere, but since this is a Vault based thread, I guess they should go here also. Thank you Jack, I really do appreciate it. I have to get one for my wife now though, she got jealous!!!

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  2. Fuck the gifts!
    RESPECT to the goatee bro!!!


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  3. Lmao!!! Right on brother!!
    Fear the beard.....haha!!
    Might as well. We treat our plants better than most people treat their kids!
  6. hahahaha
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  8. Jack, where do you get all of these awesome graphics? Props to your sign man.
  9. We have an in-house designer - I'll pass on your kudos for him :)
  10. I missed my parcel bro :(
    But it's all good! The gf is collecting for me tomorrow👍


    Headchefs indoor and outdoor adventures! -
  11. I plan on adding some of pineapple's designs to our next t-shirt order and send them to him :)
  12. Buddy send me an email and tell me what t-shirt your wife wants and I'll get one sent out to you :)
    Let me know if you want one from the new range too:
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Cool, let me know when you get it - I still need to give you a call - I'll text you shortly to see if you're available for a chat :)

    I really love this one - the guys in the office loved it to :)
  15. I have some funny photos to show you guys from one of The Vault's loyal following in England - he's been posting flyers for us in head shops etc (of his own accord), then he just started posting them randomly all over the place, and took some pics for me - some of them are really funny :)
    I'll get them up now :)
  16. Can't wait to see these haha.
  17. Is that a hint too the designer in here?
    Because I know for sure who that is 😁


    Headchefs indoor and outdoor adventures! -
  18. 20141008_120510-1.jpg - at the Post Office :)
    image (1).jpg - At the Cash Machine :)
    image.jpg on a (questionable) newspaper ad lol
    And my favourite...
    20141008_140911-1.jpg - at a pharmacist lol :)
  19. No hint intended, why who is the designer in here?

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