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    I totally love the I <3 Mary Jane one as well as the THC shirt!
    Don't smoke shit weed is great too!

  2. Preparing for the Marc and Jodie Emery event that I helped organise with the Glasgow Cannabis Social Club:
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  3. Jack, did anyone happen to video tape the event and put it on youtube?
  4. Marc Emery's talk is on our Facebook page if you have a look - I'm waiting to get the rest of the footage from the film crew so that I can put up the raffle draw that I did with Jodie:
  5. Dude, your emails are bouncing back - your server may be down
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    Ok I'll go check it out. ;) It should work now.
  7. Oh, here's another photo guys (a few years back admittedly: when I lived in the States) - but it shows that I am indeed a cannabis lover just like y'all :)
  8. This competition is now live :)
    We are also launching our October pineapple competition soon too; and then we're also gonna be launching a grasscity only competition, so it's only grasscity members, and doesn't go through facebook :)
  9. I totally agree with Pineapple.
  10. So.. If government cuts your crop down.. Would you say.. "Gub'ment came and took muh baybehs!"? Just a thought for in here. 
  11. You know what we want!
    Fuck FB IMO :)

    How you doing bud? Nice for you to come to the thread basicly made about you 👍

    Drop me and PM when you can chat, I know your a busy man!
    Or if not you got my email bro and should have my phone number now.


    Headchefs indoor and outdoor adventures! -
    Yeah pineapple is a top lad!
    +rep if we could :6


    Headchefs indoor and outdoor adventures! -
  12. I was just fucking around on CS6 and did this would be a nice shirt!
  13. I personally don't like that snoop dog I wouldn't buy!
    But good job bro :)


    Headchefs indoor and outdoor adventures! -
  14. Loving them Pineapple - you're awesome dude :)
    I'll get some of these done up on T-Shirts and send you one :)
  15. Nice one I just had to align the vault at the bottom as it was not lined up

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