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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Brother Urb, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. Buy Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoin
  2. UK banks have all orders to the US subject to customs. Not to mention they do not accept US cards either. NO US seed bank is subject to customs and lots take our credit cards. Also lest we not forget dealing in Bitcoin means your price increases through transaction and purchase costs. Plenty of banks here in the US will get you the same thing quicker, with less hassle, and cheaper. The UK guys are simply profit driven middlemen.
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  3. Have you joined this site just so you can bash all the UK seedbanks?

    You are barking up the wrong tree trying to lure people away from the Vault. George is on here constantly interacting with with us giving any and all help he can. The Vault also has plenty of contests on this site giving folks a chance at winning free seeds. When you place an order with them you can be assured of being contacted and informed of the status of your order, plus any questions you have of them are answered in a very timely matter.
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  5. Nope, not a paid spokesperson, just a happy customer. I've looked through your posts and it seems you are only here to bash seedbanks. If I did have a gas station you're damn right I'd be telling everyone how good it is!
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  6. I can assure you, he is not. Though the vault customers might come across as such, due to their experience with this seedbank

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  7. lol, have a look through this thread buddy and see how many paid spokespeople there are, or are they maybe just happy customers?
  8. Not sure of your intentions with your post; but let me correct you buddy.

    We currently cannot take cards for USA. This is imposed on Seedbanks worldwide, including within the USA by the card companies policies but even more so by government legislation. At The Vault we do not take risks with our customers security.

    Obviously US seed banks are not subject to customs but the UK seedbanks like us are indeed the middlemen sending on the European seeds worldwide as most of the actual breeders themselves either don't send seeds at all or dont send out of Europe.

    If you wanted to buy from several breeders at once you would need to place multiple orders, with multiple shipping costs, buying from Seedbanks like The Vault means 1 (or usually free) shipping with much less hassle and time spent by the customer. For the breeders they get to use us as their distribution centre and customer relations departments so they have next to no work to do outside breeding :)

    Its a model that works really well.

    We also use this bulk buying to negotiate discounts to get you the seeds cheaper and our giveaways, freebies, competitions are quite frankly, legendary!

    We also give a lot back to the community through so many things like The Vault: Free monthly seeds for worthy causes and are very pro active in campaigning for change. Hardly the action of profit driven middlemen!

    The problem is buddy most US based Seedbanks DON'T actually get you the same thing. You really need to make sure that the seeds you order are in the original packaging, which is of course how we deliver them, so you know exactly what you are buying. Without companies like us, you wouldn't have the choice and access to Europe's breeders that you enjoy.

    You are completely wrong regards bitcoin buddy. Its massively cheaper than the fees the banks charge, massively cheaper, in fact the fees are so low now its probably the cheapest method to pay out of all methods that have any fee at all, go do some research!

    You can of course still pay by other methods like cash, cheque, bank transfer, money order if you wish!

    Oh and the absolute kicker? we know that a very, very, small proportion of deliveries to the US may get nabbed at customs, or even lost by the postman. That's why we have a GUARANTEED delivery!

    Here's a wee link to our FAQ's that answers these points and some more :)

    I also notice you slating off our customers claiming them to be paid spokespeople, damn we couldn't afford to pay that many lol, instead we focus on delivering the most awesome level of customer care possible and actually care about our customers and industry. This is not a job, its a lifestyle buddy :)

    Have a look at some Seedbank review sites, hell i'll not even link you any because any decent ones will have The Vault in their top 10, probably top 3 and usually #1

    We are even ranked #1 on for Cannabis Seeds!

    You know what man? We still love you. You can use discount code GEORGE10 for a 10% discount on your order and relax buddy :)

    You're in safe hands with The Vault -

    Now, was there anything else?
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  9. HiYa George..
    JUST an FYI..I used a USA CC just 2 weeks ago, to purchase beans from a UK seedbank.
    The charges went thru and my CC company is a major hawk! I use VISA, Not MC..I would still love to purchase from The Vault but as before..Bitcoin is not for me..Hope all is well..
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  10. No shipping from state to state in US, you pay here and they ship from overseas. They just found a way to go around the card payments and I don't trust that. Seeds still have to go thru customs. Even If you can drive to storefront you will still pay double what The Vault charges. I checked into some of the so called US seed banks and their prices seem cheap but when you compare the service, reliably and germination rate, you are way better off with proven banks.
    That's my two cents.
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  11. I received my beans in good order from TWO UK based seedbanks..Also got some from Seedshernow (Oregon before they got screwed up) and Greenpoint in Colo, until they screwed me out of my Bonus points)
    Your two cents + my two cents equals almost a nickle LOL
    Still would love to Try The Vault though..many good reviews here:)
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  12. Any word on American CC's, George?
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  13. Just use Bitcoin. It's not hard at all.
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  14. Thanks, but pass
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  15. Still working on it buddy :(
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  16. Can somebody help explain how Bitcoin works?
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  17. I can recommend Coinbase for your btc purchases, and Blockchain as a good intermediary wallet for storage.
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  18. I just read the guide... "take a selfie"?! That is one of the most odd requests I have ever seen. This is very difficult to get past.
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  19. A selfie shouldn't be needed buddy. Pop an email to and they will help you

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