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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Brother Urb, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. Mailed my cash in last Wednesday and received an email today stating a change in my order's status. So far so good.
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  2. Hey George. Just got a mailer and checked out the 420 offers in the vault. The offer is great but any chance you can substitute the same 4 freebies to autos? Can't do photos as mine are all balcony grows.
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  3. The 420 offer is ssssoooooo tempting......
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  4. Hi Buddy,

    Sorry I cant tweak this one :(
  5. Well, I'm astonished. The Vault shipped out my order on Tuesday and I received it today. Took only 4 days from Scotland to New York.

    I won't give any details about the stealth but it was the best I've ever seen.

    All seeds are in perfect condition and are in original breeder packs. I'm now a customer for life. If you're thinking about placing an order with them, don't think any longer, just do it. You will not be disappointed.

    A huge thanks goes out to The Vault, as well as George, whos customer service and marketing are second to none. You guys are the pinnacle of seed banks, as well as customer service.

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  6. Ours must have been in the same shipment. Mine went out on Tuesday, went through NY, and are at my local USPS facility in Virginia now. The suspense is killing me! But that was crazy fast!
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  7. I like the suspense!

    I was extremely surprised at how quick it came. I was thinking it'd take at least a week. The stealth is great too. Cleared ISC NY in less than 24 hours.
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  8. For those of you who use BitCoin to make a purchase, who are you using? Coin base? I know I am gonna make my next purchase using BitCoin but am unsure about the wallet thing.

    I am looking at a few CBD strains for anxiety and muscle relaxation. Anyone have any personal recommendations?
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  9. I placed my order using Coin base. I didn't know anything about Bitcoin before doing the order, but Coin base was easy to use. Just have to set up an account, buy some bitcoins, and send them to the address given on the Vault website.
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  10. Oh snap!!! I guess now I need to start doing some research on strains. Knock out the Sour Liver grow. Buy a veg tent and get to it.
  11. Just got my seeds today. Technically they came to the house yesterday, just 6 days after shipping, but I couldn't sign for it so I had to get them this morning. All I have to say about the packaging is LOL wow, I see why they got through customs in just a few hours. No one would ever think to look twice at it. I would 10/10 order again just for the fun of unboxing and seeing what kind of stealth they decide to use next time lol.

    I didn't get one of the freebies, but instead got an extra seed of one of the strains I was more excited about ordering. Which works out perfectly since I wasn't too excited about the freebie. Overall very happy about that substitution.
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  12. Hi buddy, we are aware that the search function could be a lot better - it is in the queue with our developer, so we should have a much better search function in place soon :)
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  13. Souvenirs are always great
    Think im turning g into a collector
  14. The USPS sucks and customs takes forever, but The Vault came through big time for me. I received an extra Cookies Kush seed, my chosen freebie, and they threw in 2 Barneys Farm Liberty Haze seeds as well. Shipping was awesome to say the least. If you're on the fence about this company climb on down and get yourself some genes from The Vault. I'm glad i did.
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  15. Will work for seeds :smiley-rolling-joint:
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  16. i wish the vault would redo their whole site it's a clunky mess can be hard to use. its like the 90's all over again. other than that i love the vault they have the best customer support and im never afraid im gonna get ripped off jack and george own, thanks you guys. but seriously fix your website lol
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  17. The Vault is the real deal. My beans showed up today after ordering last Tues.(7 days total) I am on the east coast. I used bitcoin (my first time) and it was sure easy. I got the tracking number from Jack & he answered my ?s promptly and courteously. I don't know what I was so worried about (I'm a beginner)! The stealth was really good too. It was great to be able to track my package all the way thru. I'm hooked– want to order more already. Thx buddy! :Love-Plant:
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  18. We are on it buddy :)

    We are very much aware of the short comings with the website and sometimes it frustrates us too. We have hired new development staff recently to join #TEAMVAULT and we are working on a few quick "fixes" and updates to the current site (currently best viewed / used on desktop) to make it better in the short term.

    Long term we will be working on a brand spanking new site which is going to be bang up to date on all devices as well as plenty of new and awesome improvements you will love !!

    Watch this space guys, 2017 is going to ROCK!!!
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  19. Gorilla Seeds and Attitude are having card payment problems last few days, managed to place an order instead with The Vault and payment looks like it's all good and had my confirmation e-mail! Thank you for being there to take my money!
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  20. Are you saying they got credit cards working again?
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