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  1. congrats blades!
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  2. Hi All, Gary Eff here! I hope you're all well?

    There was just one entry from @TheUltimateNoob so you're going to take away our mixed bag of seeds, which are:

    Mediacann - chemdawg x3
    Super CBD Bama Yao x SCBDx x3

    (A cheeky extra one as they only come in packs of 3) ;-) - Please send me a PM with name, adress and T shirt size so we can send out to you.

    We usually look for some background into the medical issues you're having so if you can please let us know for next time that would be cool.

    Here's a reminder of the original post...

    A charitable giveaway

    As all of our buddies know, The Vault is more than just a leading cannabis seeds store: We"re a bunch of human beings that really care about the greater good of the global cannabis community and who believe that what goes around, comes around.

    Do you have a good cause that we can donate medical seeds to?

    At The Vault, we get all kinds of messages from happy customers, loyal fans and people from all walks of life. Among these interactions, we encounter many people who could benefit from a helping hand¦

    We hear from people who are seriously ill, with no means to treat their symptoms without receiving charitable contributions from caregivers.

    We hear from those whose loved ones are unable to get the medicine they need.

    We hear from veterans whose only solace from PTSD can be found in nature"s miracle herb.

    Few can argue against the fact that Medical marijuana seeds can offer a real lifeline for those in dire straits: And with this in mind, The Vault is proud to announce the arrival of our latest monthly giveaway.

    Introducing free monthly seeds for worthy causes

    Here"s how it works:

    The Vault will be giving away free medical seeds right here on a monthly basis.
    The winners will be picked at random, to keep things fair
    We are counting on the ethical nature of the community to shine through and only those who need the seeds the most, or who know someone in genuine need to enter this monthly giveaway.
    Prizes will be announced at the start of each month.
    Each winner will also receive a free T-Shirt.

    How to enter the giveaway

    If you could benefit from free medical marijuana seeds, all you have to do to enter the monthly giveaway is leave us a comment on this thread: That"s it!

    Good luck and be sure to pass this information on to any worthy causes that you know of: The more people know about it, the more people we can help, together: One love!

    Cheers guys - up next month is x5 CBD Critical Mass from Phoenix Seeds. Have a great, happy and health month ahead.
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  3. Holy smokes, thank you so much... You've just made my entire week! Haha

    I use cannabis medicinally for generating an appetite, insomnia, and to generally calm my mind down... I have an active mind, always thinking and planning new things, it's mentally fatiguing and is a big part of what causes my insomnia.

    I'm actually working on a medicinal product using cannabis right now, so these CBD seeds will be put to good use in the next few months... Been trying to find a way to lower THC and raise CBD levels and the prices of seeds of good strains in my country are madness, so this is just perfect!

    I do remember the post, and I must admit, I do know that there are people with far more severe issues than myself, who need these seeds. So I won't be entering again soon, and I will look for people using medicinally that could really benefit from getting these free beans.

    Thank you again

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  4. I will say I'm going to have to end up doing some business with the vault. Does seem like you are a decent bunch of fellows
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  5. This is great guys, really. Seeds are hard to get and expensive. Mine took two months to get here. If I won I would donate my beans to a veteran in need. Let's give back! One love!
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  6. Can't argue with that boss. Discount code is in my signature! ;-)
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  7. A pleasure sir. I've got your DM and will respond this afternoon to get you sorted out.
    Gary Eff
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  8. I would love to win for my uncle and myself he has bask issues and I can’t sleep without it
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  9. Definitely, in fact I'm gonna give their site a proper read through to see what they have and will order from them when I have the means.

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  10. This would be awesome medical is expensive in my state and I am a USMC veteran suffering from ptsd and chronic pain.
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  11. Hello The vault. I really appreciate what you have done for my fellow brothers who served. I can tell you first hand with myself and with my teammates that I grow for cannabis helps big time for PTSD and with insomnia. With hitting this Jun 24 years of active service and contracting I have tried many many different meds for thous two problems. Most of the insomnia problem is do to staying up 2-3 days while in the field along with the vivid memories that love to start as you try to relax. Even when being home you tend to stay on alert and readiness just from habit. With some good smoke most of that all goes away for awhile and a feeling of being normal happens like feeling the way you did before going through all that shit. Sorry about the rant part. I just wanted to take some time to thank you guys for your support and showing the appreciation you do for all my brothers out there. True healing is not just helping ones self but is to help other. Take care MGSGT
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  12. Hi all, it's that time of the month again where we offer you guys up some seeds to help you along if needed.

    We've chosen a random entrant from above and @CO Finest is going to have the beans sent over. Thanks all for sharing your stories. Feel free to enter in September and you might be the winner next time around.

    Please DM me with name, adress and T shirt size so we can get you sorted out, CO.

    Heading your way will be x5 CBD Critical Mass from Phoenix Seeds.

    For next month up for grabs are:

    x3 Chemdawg from Medicann
    x3 Blue Blood from Medicann

    If you want to check out our current offers head to our discount cannabis page here.

    See you all again next month,
    Gary Eff.
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  13. I’m here for the September raffle really need them seeds
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  14. I second that
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  15. LOL :weed:
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  16. Thanks all. If you've not already please let us know the brief background story so we can make sure they're going to the most needy.
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