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  1. @mrpaddack - You have the 5 seeds from Garden of Green - PM us and we will get them over.

    From here on in can you guys and gals give us a little more info as this draw is specifically for those in need. That would be cool - cheers peeps.

    Well done again sir!
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  2. Hi All, here is a copy of the original post > A charitable giveaway

    As all of our buddies know, The Vault is more than just a leading cannabis seeds store: We"re a bunch of human beings that really care about the greater good of the global cannabis community – and who believe that what goes around, comes around…

    Do you have a good cause that we can donate medical seeds to?

    At The Vault, we get all kinds of messages from happy customers, loyal fans and people from all walks of life. Among these interactions, we encounter many people who could benefit from a helping hand…

    • We hear from people who are seriously ill, with no means to treat their symptoms without receiving charitable contributions from caregivers.
    • We hear from those whose loved ones are unable to get the medicine they need.
    • We hear from veterans whose only solace from PTSD can be found in nature"s miracle herb…

    Few can argue against the fact that Medical marijuana seeds can offer a real lifeline for those in dire straits: And with this in mind, The Vault is proud to announce the arrival of our latest monthly giveaway…

    Introducing free monthly seeds for worthy causes

    Here"s how it works:

    • The Vault will be giving away free medical seeds right here on a monthly basis.
    • The winners will be picked at random, to keep things fair
    • We are counting on the ethical nature of the community to shine through and only those who need the seeds the most, or who know someone in genuine need to enter this monthly giveaway.
    • Prizes will be announced at the start of each month.
    • Each winner will also receive a free T-Shirt.

    How to enter the giveaway

    If you could benefit from free medical marijuana seeds, all you have to do to enter the monthly giveaway is leave us a comment on this thread: That"s it!

    Good luck – and be sure to pass this information on to any worthy causes that you know of: The more people know about it, the more people we can help, together: One love!
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  3. Congrats mrpaddack.
    Hope they help with your ailments mate.
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  4. GaryEff. Will the vault ever stock the Charlotte's angel strain or something very similar cbd to thc ratio wise or can you recommend a strain? I suffer with cppd but also wanting to start medicating my bull mastiff that suffers with hip dysplasia so I'm really looking for something that has a very very low thc %
  5. I'm in for June
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  6. You mean july??
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  7. Congrats mrpaddack
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  8. Wtg Padds

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  9. Hi buddy, yes we have that in stock via Dutch Passion - which you can find here >

    Another suggestion might be Candida from MMG. The properties are:

    CBD Content: 10.6%-20.6%
    THC Content: 0.3%-0.9%

    The link can be found here: Candida (CD-1) Feminised Seeds

    I hope this is helpful for you?

    Gary Eff
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  10. I used to enter for my grandfather, now I enter for me...


    In for July I guess.

    "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
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  11. Thank you. I'll place an order next week and get them ordered Gary. Thanks for your help
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  12. I’m in for July , I grow for myself (arthritis) and also for a friend with M.S

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  13. I'll give July a try thanks.
  14. Thanks all I'll keep you all up to date on my thread.

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  15. Hi All, For July, we are offering up Nurse Lilly CBD from Expert Seeds. This will be announced on 1st August. Please let us know if you're keen to enter and a brief message as to why. Thanking you, Gary Eff.
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  16. Can we PM you why we want to enter if we don't want our reasons public?

    "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
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  17. Hello guys and gals. Got a vault grow going now 4 strains anyone's welcome to join the ride

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