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Discussion in 'Grasscity Advertisers' started by George - The Vault, Jan 4, 2016.

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  1. Hell yeah the cbd critical mass is an amazing strain. I was also lucky enough to win some from the vault! Smells like straight bubblegum

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  2. Would love a chance to try some seeds, just got my card a few weeks back but only have old bag seeds (most are 5 plus years old) and have not had any luck even getting one to germinate.

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  3. To the People who grew the Crit Mass CBD
    How was the High, more Body then head?
    How was it on relieving pain?
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  4. My CBD CRITICAL MASS I GREW hade a buzz that would put you to sleep and does help with pain I've got 2 more seeds to grow and just trying to get it back in my schedule or grows but I loved it helped with my pain and still got the couch lock buzz.

    My first grow journal 3bog and gorilla glue auto
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  5. Great to Know Thanks
    I yhink I asked you once before too
  6. I got more of a body high off it. Was definitely a good pain reliever. And smelled and tasted of bubblegum. Good night time smoke.

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  7. Very good That is what I am looking for
    Bed time smoke to help with pain and sleep
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  8. I don't know if I'm entered this month but thank you for sharing the love throughout GC

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  9. Im in. Ty guys

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  10. [​IMG]

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  11. I'm definitely in for May. Could use some new seeds
  12. Hi All,

    From the qualifying entries for April a winner has been chosen at random - @STIGGY - well done.

    Congrats buddy you win vouchers for a pack of 5 CBD Critical Mass from Phoenix Seeds and a Vault T Shirt. Can you send me a PM please with your name, address and T Shirt size to arrange delivery of your prizes.

    For June we will have vouchers for a pack of 5 Super Critical Bud CBD from Garden of Green and of course a Vault T Shirt.

    Good Luck everyone
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  13. In for June please.

    @STIGGY congrats!!
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  14. I'll also enter for June

    "Genome Soldier..?"
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  15. I know I just bought some seeds from The Vault and got accepted to the comparative grow, but as a medical user with a chronic illness that is vastly improved by cannabis and cannabis alone, I would gladly accept a donation from a reputable company like The Vault. I'm just getting started with growing, but there's nothing I'd rather be doing with what little energy I have. Some CBD seeds would be amazing.
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  16. [​IMG]
    Gary Thank You Much Mate
    I will pm you info
    This I would like to try, Thank You and the Crew as always at the Vault Seeds
    Best Seed Bank in The World as far as Im concerned.
    and I'm sure everyone else here too.​
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  17. Congrats Stiggy!!
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