The Vault: Free monthly seeds for worthy causes

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  1. Congrats!

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  2. I grow for 2 patients currently. One is my brother who has chronic back pain and sciatica, 22 surgeries. And my best friend who is a disabled vet that was in a bad accident with a big truck. This would be a great strain to alleviate their pains and help them function better.


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  3. lucky

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  4. I'm working on getting my mother into medical marijuana, especially high CBD strains, as she has problems with tumors in her liver, skin cancer, and some other things as well as anxiety and PTSD. The one thing that's keeping her from really getting into it is that most strains make her paranoid and/or worsen her anxiety. Winning these seeds would mean that I'd be able to grow all natural medicine for my mother that would actually HELP her. She's done more for me than any mother should have to do for her it's my turn to give back to her.

    May whoever receives the prize utilize and appreciate it to the fullest!

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  6. Great idea. Charity is spiritual x
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  7. Not commenting to enter but Critical mass sounds like an ideal choice. Good on you guys for doing this :thankyou:
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  8. I was out looking at the Vault for CBD Critical Mass, but its sold out, so tossing my hat in the ring for March... Trying to find the right mix of CBD/THC that calms anxiety and eases depression and the blend on this is where everyone is steering me...
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    I must say that my mother is suffering from cervical disc hernia and cronic knee pain for years. I am sure your giveaway will change her life a lot positively.
    Also, I have complex ptsd from 23 years of emotional abuse from my mother and neglect from my father. when my friend offered me to smoke weed and I felt more relaxed and compassionate about myself for the first time ever. He told me that that was a high CBD strain and he growed it by his own. He shared his pots several time more but than he moved a remote city. After that I returned my depresiion and became detached from life. The medical weed eased my depression which had reached a level were I was on suicide watch for 3 years. this strain made me happier and have a more controlled perspective on life while enjoying myself than any other time before.
    Regardless of the consequence I appreciate this campaign and your job.
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  10. +20 year TBI survivor, fibromyalgia since my son's suicide (meth-head after he escaped psych institutionalization for manic bi-polar). I manage, but a hand would be appreciated.
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  11. Hi All,

    From the qualifying entries for March a winner has been chosen at random - GreenThumbz503

    Congrats buddy you win vouchers for a pack of 5 CBD Critical Mass from CBD Crew. Can you please send me a PM with your name, address and T Shirt size so I can send you your prize.

    For April we will have vouchers for a pack of 5 Major Medic Regular Seeds from Prof. Paul Seeds
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  12. The Vault ROCKS !!!

    And Prof Paul has some Great genetics !!
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  13. I have multiple patients that come into our 2 shops always looking for cbd flower. Hard to find quality cbd to grow that is worthy of patients! We have lots of cbd tinctures and edibles but not much more. Flower comes through but the result is never what they say! I would plant and nourish these seeds proudly and make it to where our patients would have the medicine and we would distribute clones to those in need. What else is cbd for? Thanks for the opportunity to work some magic!

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  14. Great to see charity here in the city , insomnia and arthritis in right hip and knee
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  15. I don't see many entries. People are crazy! I promise we will hook it up with patients if we win!

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  16. Got a cyst in my knee cap that kills me daily went to get it surgery removed I was off my feet for 3 weeks once thee swelling went down it ws still there but bigger and more painful (THANKS DOC!) and I still gotta go do my 8 hour days I feel like I'm just to young for disability

    there's certain accidents where you may be drunk and on drugs.
    but it's going to happen weather you are or your not
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  17. What a good idea this is. I just started growing medical seeds this week (although they haven't sprouted yet) on the advice of my wife because I suffer from anxiety and depression. I stopped smoking cannabis years ago because it started to get really strong and made me edgy, I hope the high CBD helps. I'm hoping to give some finished product to my mother who also has depression, and has MS as well, because I read high CBD plants help kill the pain.
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  18. This is truly great. I appreciate the sentiment behind this. I myself treat family who other wise couldn't afford to do so. I have the means to do so, so I wont be entering. If I know of anyone I'll be sure to drop their name thou

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    Well jack and George i have a older friend that I use to work wit he's like 60+ and has been battling cancer for the last 2yrs as we were smokin yesterday for the passing of our friend last year he said Neef I can't keep takin these meds their giving me if I could physically grow my own and knew how I would and he didn't know I grew when I heard this my eyes prolly popped out my head I said I'll grow it for u bro he said u would really do that I said yea man ur like my pops man I'll help u out so we're gettin h a setup tomorrow and I have a dance world goin that I can give him but it would b awesome to have something else known for medical as the strains I have r high thc. It feels awesome to b able to actually b helping someone even if I don't win these I'm still excited that I'm goin to b growing as a caregiver now!

    NeeFs Platinums Organix Thread
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  20. Respect buddy :)
    Good luck!

    And Good Luck to everyone on this thread.
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