The Vault: Free monthly seeds for worthy causes

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  1. Great Job for a Great Cause Guys
    THANKS for the Support..
    and for that we Thank You.
    Thanks to All Our Proud Vets,things will get better.


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  2. Congrats Sam!!!
  3. Thank you so much The Vault !!!

    This is greatly appreciated, I'll be sure to let my cousin's girlfriend know about how amazing and caring you guys are.

    I'll be reppin your T-shirt with pride.

    New journal log soon to come !
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  4. Hello my name is Jason. My wife was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis last year. She uses cannabis to manage her pain and to get through the normal day to day tasks . If we could receive any seeds to help we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

    Best regards, Jason.
  5. Congrats Sam !
  6. I have cluster headaches and it would be great if i was picked. Just to have relief would be nice
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    I just wanted to thank the Vault for looking out for people in need. Lol...these are pics of me in Kyrgyzstan(not sure if i spelled that right). Weed grows everywhere....Nope didnt smoke any

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    Btw...not here to enter just say thank you for being a company with compassion, hopefully the blades that come here dont take advantage of a good cause.
  8. Thanks guys, just wanted to let you know that my package came in today !
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  9. oh my goodness please pick me! THOSE SEEDS I WOULD USE FOR MY SECOND EVER CROP. First real know seeds and growing conditions as well instead of the bag seed nugs I'm experiment with now:(. It would really test my cannabis growing and it would benefit me highly providing me with more knowledge and more hands on experience. This would be very beneficial towards my career path I've chosen to obtain as soon as the Missouri 2016 cannibis laws pass here in my state.. Please some one inform me on what I need to do to be eligible
  10. How can i join?

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  11. Cannabis Vs. Cancer: Studies Suggest Cannabinoids May Kill Human Cancer Cells.... Please look at this: It is companies like The Vault that help with this... and help patients! Thanks to The Vault and we would put some free beans to use for sure!
  12. Wow Jack, George, and everyone else over at The Vault I gotta say what you guys are doing is really inspiring. I hate to give a sob story, because anyone in the city that knows me, knows I don't get very personal very often, and I apologize in advance for the wall of text.. . But lately I have been going through very hard times, both financially and medically. I was recently diagnosed with crohns disease and ulcerative colitis, and at my worst I lost over 75lbs of muscle and could barely walk outside to check my mail without getting out of breath and needing to take a nap for 18 hours a day. I had to have surgery in late November to have sections of my intestines removed, and have been totally dicked around by my health insurance company- making me chase my medical benefits, and adding so much stress to myself that I ended up in the hospital with a severe flare up for a few days. I have been barely able to scrape by doing odd jobs at home for people- until I am able to return back to work and school once I am reasonably healthy.

    I am down to my last few seeds that I have just began soaking, and unfortunately just am unable to afford seeds at the present moment in time to continue the cycle in my garden. I have been looking for strains high in cbd and that are great in pain and swelling relief in particular, and ones that would likely work in a smaller space. Everytime I eat my intestines swell up and it is extremely painful to pass food, but I find cooking and smoking our favourite herb with these qualities takes away my symptoms much more than the pharmaceutical drugs I have been prescribed by my specialists. I have explained to my main specialist that it truly does help, and although he looks at me like I'm crazy, he says as long as I believe it does,then I shall continue use. I sure could use a few beans for some more medication, but by all means give to those with that are considered to be a little more life threatening... I have just been in a pretty big hole as of late, and wouldn't mind a little help digging some stairs out.

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  13. Sam do ya have a journal going for these seeds? I'm interested to see how they're growing:)
  14. All explained in the original post buddy :)
  15. Thanks.

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  16. I would love to win the vaults monthly giveaway, I am disabled from falling from a rooftop, my back was broken in 3 places my ankle was shattered needing 2 rods and 9 screws also broken ribs. I am stuck drawing a month what I use to make on a good week!! Please consider me??? Thanks Jack and George
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    I started growing because I live in a state that was illegal at the time ( this changed recently but is so highly regulated it might as well be illegal) and I have 2 friends with grandmothers that have cancer and pills made them zombies. So we convinced them to try marijuana and they loved it but didn't like not knowing where it came from. So I set my my room that had been down for 3 years made some organic soil and went to work, but sadly I'v only had the privilege of growing good genetics 2 or 3 times due to never being able to afford good seeds plus shipping so I'v been stuck ordering from us seed banks with very limited selections. I would be honored if you picked me, and I know a few old ladies that would really love you guys.

    Plus I'd definitely have them rocking vault tee-shirts at 88 and 83 years old. Thanks guys even if I'm not picked the vault is still the best in the business imo
  19. If anyone hooks me up, it'll be the Vault.

    STAY UP!!!

  20. Hi Folks,

    From the qualifying entries for Feb a winner has been chosen at random - ReeferMann420

    Congrats buddy you win vouchers for a pack of 5 Major Medic Regular Seeds from Prof. Paul Seeds. Can you please send me a PM with your name, address and T Shirt size so I can send you your prize.

    For March we will have vouchers for a pack of 5 CBD Critical Mass from CBD Crew
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