The Vault: Free monthly seeds for worthy causes

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  1. You folks at The Vault just get better and better! Thx for supporting us damaged disenfranchised vets! ~Hooah!!

  2. Fabulous! Wow you guys keep it interesting. This is inspiring work! Thanks for giving us a chance to help make a difference! THE VAULT ROCKS!
  3. Marijuana helps PTSD Veterans of US Military Campaigns

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  4. Awesome on the order guys! I will buy from you many more times.
    The tie and cufflinks are perfect for my new career, too.
    All the way from the UK to my Colorado door in a week. Awesomeness.
  5. This is an awesome thing these guys at The Vault are doing. I myself am a U.S. Army Veteran and would love to not have to take so many of the damn pills that the VA prescribes to me. Good luck to all blades.

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  6. Wow this is awesome thanks for helping everyone out!!
  7. I know they crank out more bottles then the mill did lol man I think I'm ready for my own pharmacy lol it's actually sickeningly depressing when one goes to open the cabinet every morning abs evening glad you found a better alternative

    new growers untied

    Khaki's first grow

    Khali's ICE & AFFY#1's--ICE-&-Afgani#1
  8. this would be cool to win.
  9. hi please can you send me free seeds everywhere I got I have to buy first ☹

  10. Hi buddy, this isnt a giveaway thread its for people with medical conditions to have a chance to get some help.

  11. I dont have a medical condition been t my brother does an it helps him and ok sorry for any inconvenience
  12. this is a great idea. This could greatly benefit. Thanks vault
  13. i could use some seeds. i just experiemented my first grow and will be growing cbd supreme durban. it would be nice to have another cbd plant to grow
  14. I'm poor as fuck but I would never put my name in this . Lots of people way more deserving than me . The vault never fails to amaze me with their kindness and generosity .
  15. Thanks Jack, George, and the Vault for actually helping the needy medical patients that can't afford to buy the genetic strains that they need.

  16. posted mine probs in the wrong page!
  17. Hi Folks,

    From the qualifying entries a winner has been chosen at random - SamGoingHam

    Congrats buddy you win vouchers for a pack of 5 Shark Shock from CBD Crew. Can you please send me a PM with your name, address and T Shirt size so I can send you your prize.

    For Feb we will have vouchers for a pack of 5 Major Medic Regular Seeds from Prof. Paul Seeds -
  18. Congrats Sam!

    Sent via carrier pigeon...
  19. Way to Go Sam I am ..................................



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