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CONTEST - SWEEPSTAKE The Vault Crazy Christmas Promo 2017 (300 FREE SEEDS and more)

Discussion in 'Grasscity Contests' started by George - The Vault, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. Congrats! Lotta new beans to grow!
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  2. Congrats After the Shot!!!! :yay::jump::dance2:
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  3. Wow. This is awesome. Thank you @George - The Vault and Barney's. Definitely will post pics and start a journal when the time comes to pop some more beans.

    Thanks everyone
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  4. :metal:Rock on man congrats!:metal:
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  5. Wow what a nice bunch of loot. Stickers, t-shirts, rolling papers and of course the 50 Utopia Haze seeds. Thank you @George - The Vault and Barney's. Now, the pic is short some seeds and a pack of papers. Gave some to a friend of mine. Sharing is caring. Lol. I will be starting a grow journal and will post up a link to it here when I start. Thanks again everyone.

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  6. congrats buddy, a grow report would be awesome to get feedback on the strains and if you have a few moments a quick thank you post on Barneys Farm social pages would be a nice touch!

    Enjoy and good to hear you are sharing the love :)
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  7. George thought i'd chk in on how the 3 bear OG is doing in my grw..took awhile to get around to them..of the 5 seeds only two germ'd using my usual papr twl method..one was feeble the other looks hrdy..they've been in roto cubes under led in cloner for moistureso ..i've heard other testers had similar low germ rate and then very small plnts..in my grw i can go indrs or outdrs but primarily outdrs in a hydro rig or soil using 11 gal jugs...this means i gotta hv a hrdy strain....i'm not feelin that frm the 3bog imo 000_7076.JPG 000_7077.JPG
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  8. that 3bog (right side) is hangin tuff in hydro,,she and her grw mate OJ kush go outdrs with other clones today 000_7106.JPG 000_7109.JPG
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  9. Hi doc, come share your pics with all the other folks in the 3BOG comparative.

    The Vault’s 3 Bear OG Auto Comparative Grow – in association with Mephisto Genetics
    The Vault’s 3 Bear OG Auto Comparative Grow – in association with Mephisto Genetics

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