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The Vault’s Sour Livers Auto Comparative Grow – in association with Mephisto Genetics

Discussion in 'Grasscity Advertisers' started by Jack - The Vault, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. HI Loki, does gg4 grow bigger now?
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  2. kinda of curious of what yield. Have you noticed your harvest weight :hippie:
  3. from 4 gg4 i got 8oz from under the unit farm light. but atm the light is veggin some photos and flowering some autos.

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  4. i just calculated its about 1.2-1.3gpw and i didnt use any boosters just norman nutes so the lights done really well and love the fact it kicks out no heat

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  5. Cool, UFO80 is lowest draw power of UFO series, more yield with bigger light:apache:
  6. yeah that would be the hope i get 1-1.4gpw easy with leds wanna becable to get that higher if i can

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  7. High everyone,
    Am a little late to the party. Life happened and had to wait until now to grow mine out.

    I have a sour livers and a blueberry kush running together... currently end of week 5.
    Here are some photos to catch up to now...
    The livers are on the left, kush on the right.

    Week 1 (day 7from sprout):

    Week 2 (day 14):
    Week 3 (day 21):

    Week 4 (day 28):
    And today is the end of week 5 (day 35).
    The livers (left) is shimmed up 6" so the kush is actually about 8" taller than the livers.

    Will just focus on the sour livers from here on out. There is a link in sig to follow the kush also.
    See ya next week!
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  8. My sour liver at 48 days lst-ed started showing sex at 35 days .[​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. what's the strain?
  10. Sour livers from mephisto.

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  11. Week 6 ended yesterday and i forgot to get photos so here they are a day late.
    This is day 43 (end of week 6 plus a day).
    Sour Liver on the left:

    Sour Liver:
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  12. It's their birthday again!
    Sour Livers on the left & Blueberry Kush on the right.
    The livers are now shimmed up 6" and needs more but its a bit wobbly already so i dunno...

    End of week 7 (day 49 from sprout):

    The sour liver:
    W08.D49-SL (2).JPG

    for comparative purposes, here's the blueberry kush:
    W08.D49-BK (2).JPG

    See ya next week! (God willing)
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  13. Started showing sex at 36 days . Day 57[​IMG]

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  14. Into week 9 now and the sour took a bad turn... nutrient lockout... I suspect from too much cal-mag. The kush needed additional cal-mag and fed 'em both the same rather than mixing two batches of nutes. Knew better as i was doing it and shoulda' listened to the voices.

    I flushed her out with 2 gallons of store-bought water with a dose of flawless-finish (flushing agent) today.
    I removed most of the damaged leaves/fingers and here she is post-flush & cleaned up a bit.
    We'll see how she does now.

    And while it isn't a sour liver, check out the main cola on the blueberry kush.
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  15. cool, the last picture is so amazing:weed:
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  16. One Sour Liver. One Pineapple Express. Life happened and I couldn't join the party until just now.

    Attached Files:

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  17. Well both of the ladies are sitting in soil under my led light for the next few days at 24 hours light.
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  18. Room got a make over today. Clones are kicking ass. The critical mass in the mix. Hoping my hybrid critical mass pops upB-)[​IMG]

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