The Vault’s Mystery Mini Comparative Grow - in association with FastBuds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing Guides' started by Jack - The Vault, Aug 6, 2018.

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  1. Right on GG!
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  2. And the Mystery's down! Day 70 and Flower day 45 in total.

    Fast Buds Mystery Strain

    Maaaaaaaaaaan, she was the smallest of the three and gave me hell of probs throughout, but damn was she frosty, sticky and packed tight with buds!

    My hands were so sticky after I couldn't touch anything and they kept sticking together, removed as many fan leaves as I could and hung to dry, will proper trim once dried.

    The smell is unreal, definitely citrus based strain no matter what she is.


    70. Flower Day 45 - Mystery Plant.jpg


    70. Flower Day 45 - Mystery Top 1.jpg
    70. Flower Day 45 - Mystery Top 2.jpg

    Semi-Trimmed of fan leaves:

    70. Flower Day 45 - Mystery Wet Trimmed.jpg


    70. Flower Day 45 - Mystery Hanging.jpg

    Cannot wait to get jarred up and cured! Each top felt so heavy.


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  3. Oh wow, this shits fuckin brilliant fun what a stone, I'm loving it.
    Strong and energetic, creative, nice happy high that's also left me seriously fuckin stoned.
    Who called lemon Ak?
    Lemon haze with an aghan sounds about right for this dunt like am half melted
    Was a shitty bottom bit I dried in the room so still a bit of a wet grassy vibe going on but what an awesome stone. Cant wait to smoke the main colas :)

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  4. I would say I guessed but I got the email about fast buds strains coming out and mentioned it lol.

    .wow nice harvests so far fam! I'm a week or so behind these maybe longer but looking great in here
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  5. Me and flexed think said ak aswell as agreed on lemon
    They grew very simila to ak with them chunky colas
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  6. honest to a fault, I do love you lol :)
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  7. There's some nice stuff going on here too!! IMG_20181107_033155884.jpg IMG_20181107_033642511.jpg IMG_20181107_033813768.jpg IMG_20181107_033829695.jpg IMG_20181107_033839969.jpg IMG_20181107_033949345.jpg IMG_20181107_033958119.jpg IMG_20181107_034003814.jpg IMG_20181107_034039411.jpg IMG_20181107_034045297.jpg IMG_20181107_034020739.jpg
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  8. Right
  9. Like i sware to god there keeping me waiting wanna get my photos into flower lol there getting a bit crowed with my orher 2 autos lol

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  10. Lol..I have been checking everything on mine alot of hairs lower than the very top but it's starting to happen for sho
  11. On mine hairs have receeded but thrics are slow id expected some amber 0 amber 90% cloudy 10% clear

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  12. Getting closer then Loki
  13. Chopped one of my mystery beans just there. Got 2 indica dom and one a bit more sativa that has the same smell but lighter and looks like a completely different strain. She was the first for the drying rack.
    Well, I say drying rack.. it's a bit of string lol. Please excuse the shite hole of a grow room but these council bampots still haven't turned up so I'm stuck :( got effin loadsa beans en route and I can't even start the bastard things potentially till after xmas. Harsh times like :(

    Oh and I also chopped my little bonzai the other day. Reckon I might ve surpassed my 1.5g target and got a wopping 2 full grams!
    For a 200ml pot though I'll take it with pride
    Looks a little over 2oz on the bigger one.

    Oh and almost forgot, my hybrid mystery experiment there in the pink/purple/reddish looking bucket with the cheeky 6" airstones mid and bottom.
    Slow start as I'd ran out of root riots and used rockwool instead. Won't be doing that again lol. They're sound for photos but root riots every time for autos. Not the same starting speed at all.
    She's getting about 400ppm of
    dutch pro A&b
    Root boost

    I left the rest of them alone but I'll be abusing this one. Haven't battered the shit out a plant in months now, I'm feeling pussy whipped lol. 20181108_181106.jpg 20181108_181147.jpg 20181108_182022.jpg

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