The Vault’s Halloween Spooky Spectacular Sweepstake

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    Count me in :)

    Edit: Scrap that's it's FaceBook.

    Thanks anyway, good luck all.


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  3. Chef, you should do as others do - create a second Facebook account using your Chef alias and use it to chat with cannabis enthusiast friends, and enter competitions like this.
    It's no different to creating an account in GC - it does not need to be affiliated with your real name, main Facebook account or family and friends.
  4. I'm impressed yo.  The vault is out to please!
    Chef, that's good advice and exactly what I did. I don't think it will let you use Chef as a name but my real name isn't really Fester Newt as you may have already guessed. :eek:
  6. I actually bit the bullet and made a fake facebook. I use it to enter comps and nothing else. No chit chat, no msgs, no pics, no friends but one or two seed banks.
    I still have yet to do so haha.  The day I see some amazing regs up there I will.  I'm still biased against fems and autos. :p
  8. As am i.

    Not a fan of fem or auto.

    Regs for me.
  9. lol - well said Mr Newt :)
    I've just been told that you have won a t-shirt on our marijuana directory project promotion :)
    I'll make sure to throw you in a few of our pink diesel beans with it for you :)
  10. I have noted this buddy - I think our next GrassCity competition will be giving a choice of Regular, Feminised or Auto seeds :)
    I can't wait to get it, I'll be sure and post pics of the goods. Thank you Jack and The Vault for being so generous!
  12. Cool - don't forget to email me, so that it's in my inbox to-do list with the 50+ other things I need to get done today lol
    [SIZE=medium]Go to our website <span style="color:rgb(5,99,193);">[/SIZE] </span> and click 'contact support' and send me an email to arrange sending you a goodie pack :)
    Just did it, thanks! subject line - marijuana directory project promotion winner. Hope that's correct.
  14. Cool, I got your email buddy - leave it with me and I'll reply when I get your package out to you :)
    Cheers Jack!  Now I have no excuses not to make a FB hahaha. :hello:
  16. thanks for the comps, but facebook? no  thanks. more direct forum love. 
  17. Gotta love The Vault, just had an order show up! :)

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