The Vapour Genie vs Magic Flight Light Box

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Rotties4Ever, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Ok here is the deal I am using the genie now, and its too much manual labour for my lungs,
    if you own both I would like to hear your thoughts on them, and which you prefer more

    Im thinking of getting the flight box, but still un decided at the moment
  2. MFLB is the next logical step imo unless you want to spend more and get a plug in vape.
  3. In my opinion, the MFLB is better than the vapor genie. However, if you're a medical patient, consider the eJoint or the Omicron.
  4. I'd splurge for a plug-in and get a Buddha. I got mine for $130 and i use twice a day still!!
  5. I have a MFLB and DBV and both work very well.
  6. whats DBV i never heard of it

  7. I would get the Omicron since they are going to release cartridges you can fill yourself with hash.

  8. Ya like i said in my other post and ill post here for you to see.

    And you are also using glycerin, why would i want to use glycerin when i can use the Omicron vaporizer? Their cartomizers are made for pure oils. So please tell me how is glycerin helping me? Are your cartomizers any different then lets say a 510 ecig carto? Why would i use cotton when i know for a fact it burns the cotton.

    So please tell me how your cartomizers are different the the Current cartomizers I am using from The Future Of Vaporizer's
  9. No comparison...MFLB FTW

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