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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by JCrohn, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. I did a few searches and couldnt find a thread like this...sooo

    I am starting up the VAPORIZER CLUB here at grasscity. In order to be a member of the vaporizer club, you must be an active vaporizer when it comes to your herbs :)...meaning you should own a vaporizer if you join the club :D

    Also, members of the vaporizer club have realized that vapor is just simply a nicer, more relaxing way of enjoying the great, great herb...because why should any be wasted?

    Good job letting your lungs relax...the air is cleaner now.
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  2. ook i guess im in! lol but i have a question ive been vapin out of my volcano with some pretty good herb how much " vape poo" do i need before i bake?
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  3. Ill be the newest member in a few hours. Im going to buy mine when headshop opens :hello:
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  4. currently own a "vapor daddy"- chinese vapor bros knock-off.

    waiting on da buddha to come in! (they're on backorder)

    I love vaping, so much better in every way! I like to vape through my 2 foot gong.
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  5. i own a vaporstar and a vaporbros handsfree. vaping has changed my life, i can finally run without becoming winded and im in the best shape of my life.
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  6. I own a Vapor Daddy Deluxe and would also like a invite to the club....

    Bought a vape and im not looking back hah.
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    I'm in. No longer smoke. Own and use 4 different vapes.

    Iolite................when I'm out and about.
    Purple Days......my main daily workhorse
    Da Buddha.......for party situations or when I miss my bong
    VaporGenie......for when I miss my spoon

    btw, careful of those VaporDaddy's. Been reports of lead based paint used in their manufacture.
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  8. You should wait until you have about an ounce of poo, possibly more.
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  9. I've used 5 grams of abv to make enough firecrackers to get one person pretty darn baked.
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  10. Myself and my hands free VaporBrothers Vaporizer will also join this awesome club! Vaping is so much more relaxing. Don't get me wrong, I still love to rip the bong with the best of 'em!
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  11. ever ripped your vaporizer through your bong?
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  12. i rely on my vaporgenie for the blessings of vapor. it does a nice job being portable and simple, but i'm gonna upgrade to somethin g with a larger bowl capacity and something for home/indoor use only
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  13. I own a vape bros. I guess i am in. lol
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  14. that's one of the reasons I ordered a buddha. how do you like yours btw? I also looked at purple days, but don't think it meets my needs
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  15. Joinin' the club.

    Have a VapoWarez VapoCannon, whip connected to the ice cold bubbler & am ready to blast off. Catch ya'll later.
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  16. I own a Vaporite (probably shitty Chinese knockoff). It's one of those box and whip vaporizers. I've had it for 9 months and still gets the job done well. :smoking:
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  17. I love the Buddha, but I go through twice as much bud as I do with the Purple Days, which is why I use the PD as a daily workhorse. If I grew my own bud, or if I was rich enough not to be concerned about the cost of weed, I'd be using the Buddha all the time.
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  18. Checking in...

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  19. good to know, I found a black one on ebay for $164 shipped! But you can't beat the purple days efficiency, and they are pretty awesome, but I can only pick one, and the heat up time of the pd is too long-and I'm not around enough to leave it on all the time.
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  20. Consider me in the club.

    I just recently got my purple days vape and it is one amazing unit, I couldn't be happier with it. Its also insanely easy to count how much Im consuming because of the small, precise bowl packs. I have gotten blitzed on .1 (of blueberry)... like what the hell? I dare any form of combustion to rival that.

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