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--- the vaporizer club ---

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by JCrohn, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. I did a few searches and couldnt find a thread like this...sooo

    I am starting up the VAPORIZER CLUB here at grasscity. In order to be a member of the vaporizer club, you must be an active vaporizer when it comes to your herbs :)...meaning you should own a vaporizer if you join the club :D

    Also, members of the vaporizer club have realized that vapor is just simply a nicer, more relaxing way of enjoying the great, great herb...because why should any be wasted?

    Good job letting your lungs relax...the air is cleaner now.
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  2. ook i guess im in! lol but i have a question ive been vapin out of my volcano with some pretty good herb how much " vape poo" do i need before i bake?
  3. Ill be the newest member in a few hours. Im going to buy mine when headshop opens :hello:
  4. currently own a "vapor daddy"- chinese vapor bros knock-off.

    waiting on da buddha to come in! (they're on backorder)

    I love vaping, so much better in every way! I like to vape through my 2 foot gong.
  5. i own a vaporstar and a vaporbros handsfree. vaping has changed my life, i can finally run without becoming winded and im in the best shape of my life.
  6. I own a Vapor Daddy Deluxe and would also like a invite to the club....

    Bought a vape and im not looking back hah.
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    I'm in. No longer smoke. Own and use 4 different vapes.

    Iolite................when I'm out and about.
    Purple Days......my main daily workhorse
    Da Buddha.......for party situations or when I miss my bong
    VaporGenie......for when I miss my spoon

    btw, careful of those VaporDaddy's. Been reports of lead based paint used in their manufacture.
  8. You should wait until you have about an ounce of poo, possibly more.

  9. I've used 5 grams of abv to make enough firecrackers to get one person pretty darn baked.
  10. Myself and my hands free VaporBrothers Vaporizer will also join this awesome club! Vaping is so much more relaxing. Don't get me wrong, I still love to rip the bong with the best of 'em!
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  11. ever ripped your vaporizer through your bong?
  12. i rely on my vaporgenie for the blessings of vapor. it does a nice job being portable and simple, but i'm gonna upgrade to somethin g with a larger bowl capacity and something for home/indoor use only
  13. I own a vape bros. I guess i am in. lol
  14. that's one of the reasons I ordered a buddha. how do you like yours btw? I also looked at purple days, but don't think it meets my needs
  15. Joinin' the club.

    Have a VapoWarez VapoCannon, whip connected to the ice cold bubbler & am ready to blast off. Catch ya'll later.
  16. I own a Vaporite (probably shitty Chinese knockoff). It's one of those box and whip vaporizers. I've had it for 9 months and still gets the job done well. :smoking:

  17. I love the Buddha, but I go through twice as much bud as I do with the Purple Days, which is why I use the PD as a daily workhorse. If I grew my own bud, or if I was rich enough not to be concerned about the cost of weed, I'd be using the Buddha all the time.
  18. Checking in...

  19. good to know, I found a black one on ebay for $164 shipped! But you can't beat the purple days efficiency, and they are pretty awesome, but I can only pick one, and the heat up time of the pd is too long-and I'm not around enough to leave it on all the time.
  20. Consider me in the club.

    I just recently got my purple days vape and it is one amazing unit, I couldn't be happier with it. Its also insanely easy to count how much Im consuming because of the small, precise bowl packs. I have gotten blitzed on .1 (of blueberry)... like what the hell? I dare any form of combustion to rival that.

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