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The VapeRx, Stealthy Vaporizer. Worth the Read. (Revised)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by DV, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. #1 DV, Feb 9, 2011
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    :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:
    Hey GC, I hope your day has been going well.
    (Sorry for the take 2 with the thread.)

    Well yesterday I went out and got myself a new
    toy. If you're a fellow stoner like me, who actually
    likes to get out and do things, but don't really want
    to carry a lot of herb or paraphilia on you, this is the
    Toking Tool for you.

    Let me introduce the VapeRx and D9 Tetra Hyrdra Oil.
    That's pure cannabis CO2 extract.


    This small little vape is completely odorless, and smokeless.
    You can use it anywhere, clubs, restaurants, hikes, you know
    whatever it is you like to do.


    This is Delta9 Tekhnologe...which I'm guessing is a fancy way
    of saying Technology. Lol. Anyways, this is the hash that you
    place into the vape. It comes in a little packaged syringe as
    you can see. It contains 90 hits of hash oil. For more info about
    this product, I'll just refer you to their website.
    Delta 9 Tekhnologe | Tetra Hydra Oil – pure Cannabis extract


    As you can see here, this is the VapeRx, no bigger than your
    average pen. The design is very lightweight so it's easily hidden.
    It's basically like an electronic cigarette for medical smokers.


    On to the fun part. This the VapeRx, this vape seperates into 3 parts:

    The atomizer/mouth piece (left),
    the heating element (middle),
    and the power supply (right).

    Now you take the syringe, and push some of the hash into the atomizer/
    mouthpiece. There is a small white cotton piece inside the atomizer that
    holds the hash, so you don't suck up the liquid. You snap the atomizer/
    mouthpiece onto the heating element (middle), then screw the power supply
    onto the heating element.

    One small dose of this hash can last you well over 8-10 hits. I mean small
    like 2 tiny lines of the syringe. You hold this small button down on the
    vape until it starts blinking, then release the button. This means the heating
    element is hot enough to vape the hash, but not hot enough to create any smoke.

    You use this vape for 20 mins, taking as many hits that you need/want.
    The hash tastes a bit like honey, and you keep sucking until you don't
    taste anything, or the power supply is dead.

    Another great thing about the VapeRx, that you can purchase different
    chargers. There's chargers for your car, home, and yes even your comp.

    My Personal Review

    Today after charging the Vape for a full 8hrs as directed, I finally got to
    try it. I followed all the steps I listed above, and frankly...it's pretty fuckin'
    awesome. Like I said before there was no smoke, no odor. It has a very
    clean taste to it, with a hint of honey. The high is not a couchlock high,
    it's very clean, heady, and functional. In other words it just makes you
    feel gooooood, and chilled out. Very relaxing.

    The vape itself, doesn't get too hot so it can be easily handled. It's light
    weight, but yet very strong. I'm not gonna lie, I dropped it on a hard floor and
    there was no marks, breaks, or anything like that. I love that you can take
    off the mouthpiece for easy cleaning as well. The cotton piece has me a bit
    worried...I mean what do you do when the cotton is all soaked in hash...
    :confused_2: There's no real replacement that I've seen, once all the pieces are used.

    The package that it comes in holds all the parts very snug and comes with
    3 atomizer/mouthpieces, which is great. The charger is small and can easily
    travel as well. The only downside I think to the vape is that you can only
    use it for 20 mins
    , then you have to charge it for another hour before it can
    be used again. I would be happier if it lasted longer, but you can't have
    everything right? What I really love about this product is that the hash is great,
    but hopefully D9 will create strain specific hash, for us people who are looking for
    a stronger high/dose.

    All in all, I would give it about 4 out of 5 stars.
    I don't think it will work for everyone, but it's definitely worth a try.
    Personally, if the power supply lasted longer, I'd be tokin' on it all day.

    If anyone has anything to add, feel free if you've had experience with this
    product. :wave:

    Keep blazin...

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  2. Oh and also, I got this product from my local
    clinic in CO, my clinic owner found out about it
    at Kush Con 2010.

    I'm not sure where else you'd be able to buy it
    but here's a link to VapeRx's website.

    VapeRx | smokeless, personal, discreet
  3. That looks like it would fuck you up, but seems like a lot of money and a lot of work just to get high
    Though I couldnt use it daily, its definatly sweet
  4. #4 DV, Feb 9, 2011
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2011
    Suprisingly the vape was only $100,
    the hash is $30 for 90 hits.

    In the long run, it actually saves me
    money, cause I can blow 100 on bud
    a week. So it's pretty economical for
    me. :cool:

    I wouldn't use it all the time either, but
    for outings and stuff, without having to
    bring the pipe, grinder, bud, all that...

    Once you get how to use it down, it's
    nice and quick, for on the go types, you
  5. looks cool as hell but ill stick with my mflb

  6. Yes I've yet to get my hands on a mflb.

    Shit who cares!? If you gotta stealth vape
    it's all goooood. :p
  7. i can attest to that the mflb is amazing battterys last like 5-8 trenches and if your not high by 2 you have huge tolorence i get baked as hell from 1 and a half of high mids yet to use dank in it heats up in 5 secs
  8. That's cool.
    I have a really high tolerance so
    I use my vape for the full 20 mins,
    at first I didn't think it worked, but
    when it kicked in, it was nice...

    Like..."oh well....helllooooo"

    Now that you mention it, I think this
    vape heats up in about 5 secs too.
    It starts blinking that it's hot enough.

    Woo for fast vape sesh!
  9. awesome
    the weed world is really evolving without me i guess
    as i sit here with my pretty standard glass bowl I feel left out, kinda wishin my state would allow medical marijuana. until then, i guess i can only read about it on the internet
  10. I think it's weird that most states don't have
    mmj since I live in one. It just seems normal.

    I mean I go get medicated sugar, bbq glaze
    for grilling, just so much stuff.

    I hope that everyone would be able to have
    access one day. I would share if I could.

    I'll do my best to keep up and keep non mmj
    people/states informed.

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