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Discussion in 'E-Cigarettes' started by Royal Vengeance, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Gotta pull the coil in the wasp up as high as you can. Really helps with the flavors
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  2. Hey guys,
    I was mixing some juice yesterday as I was filling syringe with nicotine I somehow I managed to flick it and a little bit shot out and straight into my eye haha 1 in a million shot,
    Instant fire on my eyeball I ran straight to bathroom to wash it out, my eye turned totally pink instantly and was incredibly painful all night, I wish I took pics coz it looked awesome,
    Im just telling this little story as a reminder to any who do DIY juice to be extremely careful because I've felt that pain and wouldn't wish it on anyone,

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  3. I just use a scale when making juice. It's simple and fast.
  4. Needed a new 2 battery mod, so I picked up a Smoant Charon...love it...:)

    TCR on SS316 is the best temp control of any mod I've had...the only one I actually use... Have triple SS claptons in my DUOS, and it's simply amazing...it backs off the power instead of simply shutting it right down...:coolalt:

    I should be getting close to a year off cigs now...best I've done in over 20 years...:D
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  5. I much prefer syringes, I use bottle shots from Darkstar so only need to add pg, vg, nic,
    I don't even know how it managed to get in my eye, I'm clueless haha

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  6. I seriously need to get one of my own, my friends have theirs can someone suggest the best setup ? I want something crazy and better than theirs
  7. What dictates crazy? Crazy as in cost, vapor output or what? Just a nice fancy-ish setup?
  8. Oh the apocalypse rda is awesome. Great flavor and monster airflow
  9. Anyone in need of a very lightweight and affordable dual battery mod I highly suggest the WYE by Tesla

    Picking up mine tomorrow dude. I have a Dead Rabbit coming from FT , can't wait to try that one too.
  10. What are peoples opinions on V2's Series 3 vape? It is a 3 in one so can be used for bud as well as eliquid
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    Been on a Smok kick lately, recently picked up a red V8 Stick, a blue Procolor and a green G-Priv. I'm happy with all of them, especially the Procolor. I've always like RDTA so I decided to grab simple, nice RDA to practice building on to chase them flavors. Picked up a wismec indestructible since my friend's seemed pretty nice. I'm open to some other RDA recommendations to get my drip on. I just can't own too many.

    Got my 11pack 30ml zamplebox and it's the best "sample" box I've gotten to date. I'll take a pic of the juices later. I think I might order another so I don't need to worry about juices for a good 6 months.

    Anyone have a good CBD rec? I've been eyeing this.

    I've been seeing Kratom juices start to pop up and I'm wondering how they are considering it is usually ingested and heat kills it
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  12. Meeehn! This vaping stuff is killing the beatz real time...
  13. What's the beatz real time?
  14. My newest mod. This little guy feels awesome with its rubberish face, has an awesome magnet door that seals off very tightly,and just has a nice low profile. Has touch screen buttons too and the best firing switch I've used on a mod

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  15. Some nice rso and terpines in a pineapple flavored pg and peg mix. Tastes great and 3 hits is plenty! Haa! DSCN7005.JPG

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