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    After reading on the net, there seems to be a lit of negativity regarding this piece of kit, so I want the world to know how good it is!

    The first couple of times I used it, I made it way too hot, and so burnt my weed, wasting most of the vape.
    Once I got the technique down, it is so good. I only use a tiny bit a day (a joints worth of weed easily lasts me a day!) and I am so baked all day.

    I have also noticed a difference in high; I still feel high, but I want to do things instead of just sitting around.
    Another plus side is that usually when I have a heavy weed session, the next day I feel kind of tired and can't be arsed to do anything, whereas the day after heavy vaping, I feel normal.

    I love my vapbong! Haha
  2. glad your happy with it i think the first time you use any vape its trial and error purposes so you can get the method done. anyway you can take a video of this? like to see it in action
  3. Yeah, Id like to see how this works.
  4. this is my vape bong :hello:
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    My friend has that same vaporiser, it is so nice! I especially like the remote control :) and the bags when full are ace!

    I can do a video tomorrow night when I get back to it.
  6. ya im in love with my EQ. no combustion of my weed for me anymore. looking forward to the vid
  7. I have the V-Tower not the EQ, i love it though :). Nice vape bong :D.


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