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Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by SixTimesThree, Feb 7, 2011.

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    I know this has been made before, but i cant't find the thread o_O so i decided to post it again.
    ^= answer the person above you's statement. (true or false)
    <= write something about yourself
    v= write something about the person who will post after you.

    ^does not exist
    < is smoking his last cigg for the night. followed by another few bowls.
    v has smoked today
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    ^I have not smoked today
    < should be sleeping
    ↓ is in college

    For the lazy people just C&P:

  3. gonna post again to get it going.

    ^i am not in college.
    <should be asleep too.
    v does not know how to make an arrow facing down
  4. ^ i DID know how to make that arrow.. :>
    < does not know how to play this game
    v has hayfever
  5. ^ nope!
    < just finished a delicious salad
    v is about to smoke a joint or just got done smoking one
  6. ^ bout to smoke a bowl got no papers with me :(
    < jsut restrung his guitar
    v is high shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  7. ^correct, i am very high :D
    <is high
    v is high
  8. ^Nope, all of my professors decided to make all my exams and projects due this week.
    <just ate a nuclear hot frozen center microwaved pizza
    v is hungry
  9. ^ a little bit! but it's 2:30 am so i'll wait it out
    < is on day 73 of a weed break and would really like to be done already!
    v owns a bong
  10. ^ Used to own one.. till it got thrown away
    < Bout to go smoke a bowl
    v Is a cool person.
  11. ^ I like to think I'm a pretty cool person :cool:
    < is bored as hellll in English
    v owns a fluffy dog
  12. ^ owned one. it died many years ago
    < binge smoked too much lately
    V had put on weight since last year
  13. ^Actually lost some :D
    <Smoked a bowl. Think's he's high.
    v Has been smoking for over 5 years.
  14. ^ surprisingly true. good guess
    <has been really into rollin j's latley. got a roller. rolls beuatifully
    v is taking a shit
  15. ^ just sittin on my chair, not the toilet ;p
    < i love smokin by myself lol
    v has a blue bic lighter. (ew if i'm right ill piss myself)
  16. ^i have a black and red one right now on my desk
    < just went to basement to smoke a bowl and came back to room but before i did, made a stop at the kitchen.:D
    v plays cod
  17. ^ used to alot. Ive been drifting away from video games... been gaining weight that i previously lost >:/
    < is very tired and cannot sleep.
    v will not post for a while because my threads die out quickly
  18. ^ Think this is quick enough! :hello:
    < Just smoked a bowl, watched movies, and destroyed a bag of zaro's popcorn
    v Is waitin for the delivery boy to bring the munchy food!
  19. ^ Happens a lot but not today. Cooked congee and having cheetos :smoke:
    < is contemplating if it would be a good idea to smoke
    v is using a vape as main toking tool
  20. ^ yep, I only vape
    < wants cuddles
    v has a headache
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