The USA is the fattest but we have the most gold medals

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  1. Mindfuck! The US the most obese and out of shape nation on the planet have the most olympic gold medals. Discuss.
  2. Nothing to discuss really. A high obesity rate doesn't mean there won't be top notch athletes.
  3. Yeah our high obesity rate and our great athletes are actually a product of the same thing: money.
  4. Of course we have the most look at the size of our population compared to the smaller countries competing.
  5. i dont get your point? it wouldn't make much of a difference, if we were the skinniest nation in the world, they don't put out of shape people on the olympic team
  6. You dummy. The olympics are about sports, not eating habits. Americans are pigs when they eat.

  7. Typical European or wherever the fuck you're from, you think there aren't other fat people in the world that eat tons?
  8. [quote name='"azcactus"']You dummy. The olympics are about sports, not eating habits. Americans are pigs when they eat.[/quote]

    not true, everyone is different, there are fat people everywhere, not just in usa
  9. The USA is not the most obese nation in the world, mexico has a higher obesity rate. But if you people complained saying mexicans are all fat and lazy youd be called racists.
  10. Also being fat doesnt mean youre lazy, lots of people cant afford healthy foot and get stuck in the habit of eating junk food because its cheap.

  11. hell yeah,,, $5 salad vs $1 cheeseburger, sad, but its exspensive to live healthy
  12. Our obesity rate is high cuz were ballers lol
  13. [quote name='"SuperSkunk64"']

    hell yeah,,, $5 salad vs $1 cheeseburger, sad, but its exspensive to live healthy[/quote]

    The problem is, people are buying 5 of those burgers

  14. you have a point, but not all have money to buy $5 worth of burgers or $5 salads, sometimes it comes to a money issue, but there are a lot of people who have the option to do either or, but they chose the unhealthy

  15. Sure some over weight people eat way to much, but thats not true for most of them. The real problem is they eat a normal sized meal of junk food on a daily basis, and lots of people dont have enough time to exercise.
  16. they do, but watching tv is more important, I see that in my family...and they use the excuse of not having enough time....but some truly don't

  17. How well off is your family? My family has many over weight people in it, most of them hardly watch tv because theyre to busy working so they dont get evicted and can feed their families. Economic status is the main factor in how likely a person is to become overweight.

  18. Who doesn't have enough time to at least run for 20 minutes 3 times a week. That's the minimum doctor's recommend. 60 minutes a week. You're telling me the average guy is so busy he can't do that? Ridiculous.

    People who are overweight are overweight because they made the choices that lead them into obesity. It's not society, or the food, because then everyone should be fat by that logic. It's them.

    To not be fat it's a simple formula, don't eat more food than you require. That's it. You can either change your lifestyle to where you require more food, or cut the food, but either way it's extremely simple.

    Excuses such as: genetics, food, too busy, are just excuses. They don't help people be fit, they just make them feel a little better about being fat.
  19. Well we couldn't just succeed in athletics; we had to succeed in fatass too :smoke:

    Everyone knows it's good to be well-rounded...:D

  20. But yeah, the real reason America gets so many medals? Same reason China racks up the Golds, when you have a huge talent pool, you're going to get more elite athletes, it's just a fact.

    So countries with 10 million people might produce a few elite athletes, imagine how many a country with 400 million or over a billion produce.

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