The US gov't and drugs....

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  1. I just thought of something.. it completely makes sense too... Okay, well the US gov't produces the drugs (illegal drugs of course) and supplies them to dealers on the street. Police begin to have drug busts and shit like that, take the drugs off the dealers (the drugs that the gov't supplied), and they also take the money that the dealers made selling the drugs. So it's like a win-win situation here... The gov't gets their drugs back, and the money... Does this make any sense at all?
    I dunno, i'm baked, and felt like posting something...
  2. yeah i don't think that's what really happens, but it sounds like something they would do though
  3. The US government have the worst drug laws in the world, they stink.

    Like my god, cannabis under schedule 1 in the same league as heroin or LSD.

    I'm not saying LSD is bad, but heroin in the same category as cannabis is taking the god damn fucking piss.

  4. I couldn't agree with you more.
  5. Actually I think the US Scheduling system looks at heroin as less dangerous/addictive than marijuana. Just check out their website. The government does smuggle and sell drugs to street gangs. They sell cocaine to LA street gangs and they make it into crack and sell it. The CIA also sells drugs in the Detroit area. They stand to lose too much money from legal pharmaceutical companies, and illegal drug sales if they end the war on drugs......

  6. How very Oliver Stone of you. :D
  7. Fact: The CIA let Gen. Manuel Noriega traffic large amounts of drugs (mostly cocaine) from about 1960 to 1989. In 1971 the DEA tried to indict him, the CIA stopped this action and let the trafficking continue until 1989, all in the name of gathering information.

    In 1989 "Operation Just Cause" was carried out and Noriega was tried in Miami (1990), sentenced to 30 years. He was released September 9, 2007 (not after 30 years but only 17). Because we Americans are such nice people we turned him over to French authorities to be tried for money laundering. He was sentenced to 7 years.

    All of this would have been kept secret had a small group in Nicaragua not shot down a CIA plane piloted by pilot Eugene Hasenfus, on board were documents that detailed what exactly the CIA was up to in Latin America. This made the entire operation a liability and that is when they let the DEA do their job.

    So long story short, the gov. makes huge profit off this but do not actually sell drugs. They let drug cartels operate with out prosecution to gather "information" then yes police seize drugs and money from local dealers. They profit because they get every thing they want. A. they gather Intel B. the seized money gets laundered back into the pocket of the American gov. C. And they gain a fall guy (just in case things go sour)

    Do some research and you will find that this type of action is not isolated to America many other countries also do this under the guise of gathering information.
  8. Heroin or LSD?

    LSD is harmless if used correctly.
  9. Humanity needs to rid itself of nations, governments, and nationalism.

  10. Yep. We need to realize that the mass majority of earth lives in poverty... because of a couple men who sit in high places and give them nothing...

    "all that is required for evil to succeed, is for good men to do nothing"
  11. CIA = Criminals in America

    These fucking guys in control of power think they can get away with whatever they want... and they have. But no more!

    When there is profit to be made and our government no longer fear its people, they will exploit whatever necessary to ensure the current status quo.

    Let me proudly say that this government, is NOT MY GOVERNMENT!

    They are new-age Kings, and we will cut their heads off for the innocent souls they have destroyed through their hard drug trafficking, through their political silences/assassinations, everything.

    Marijuana = good for almost everyone (besides people with pre-dispositions to schizo.)
    Mushrooms, LSD = good for those looking for complete introspection
    DMT = a privilege to see the cosmos for everyone

    Meth, Cocaine, Heroin = BAD BAD BAD! ------> but that's $$$ for these fascists

  12. I was offered DMT once but I turned it down.
    maybe if it was a more setup thing, I was just in the mood to smoke a lot of weed and my guy pulls out a baggie of DMT and asks me if I want to "dip from this dimension"
  13. You left out religion.
  14. Why can't we just start a revolt?

    Shit would be awesome.
  15. You need a leader to get enough people to collectively ride the wave that's happening, and then allow the sheep to hop aboard that snowball that is rolling down the hill..

    It's just a matter of pinpointing a specific plan of action that will yield the most amount of followers and practitioners...

    In other words, find a cause EVERYONE can get behind and then allow all the other issues (education paradigms, drug war, hiding truth, political/corporate corruption) flow after you kick open those floodgates.

    I'm in the process of finding a specific plan of action to get this ball that's already rolling, to roll faster and harder.
  16. Bcaz u need a lot more people to realize this, and i mean alot
  17. The conditions are rising rapidly for a revolt..

    It will happen.
    History proves this.
  18. TheRedhead posted this link on the Legaliztion and Activism forum, but it's not getting enough attention on that board. Everyone please try to find the time to watch this documentary. Yes, it is over two hours long, but it is soooo worth watching. If you thought The Union was brilliant, this one will knock your socks off. Watch it when you can, and please, please, please share this video with as many people as you possibly can. This is a video the entire nation needs to see, not just legalization advocates. Everyone needs to see this.

    The Exile Nation Project
  19. I think the government helps traffic drugs, they did in the past and got caught several times. They're fucking hypocrites and we need to overthrow them.

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