The Us Governments Official Anti Conspiracy Website

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  1. Pitiful? It's COMEDIC GENIUS, James!!!  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing: 
  2. The economic conspiracy part doesn't even address what most "theorists" are concerned about.
  3. Of course it doesn't! Are you crazy? If they did that, they'd have to come up with real rebuttals. 
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    In regard to the economic section. Its interesting that they call Marxist theory cartoonish, when in the political science and economics courses, lectures, and  textbooks I have been too/seen Marxism is represented as a valid theory that is given a lot of weight if not equal weight to the capitalist theories, (less so in the economics classes but thats just because keynesian economics reigns supreme). I didn't even think it was "politically correct" to call Marxism cartoonish. If I were to call Marxist theory cartoonish among fellow college students I would challenged by many. 
    BTW check out the libertarian circle jerk thread I posted some funny stuff that I found while looking for this website.
  5. i wonder how many people actually use this site to debunk conspiracy thats sites hilarious
  6. After reading thier "debunking" I only have more questions. It really just seemed like they dismissed stuff, not debunking shit.
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    There's like a whole paragraph addressing these issues. Well, all my nagging questions have been put to rest thoroughly. Thank you op for sharing the truths and such.
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    Wow, literally 0 proof there.  The worst part is if you click the included links it just takes you to another part of the same site, and cites a bunch of studies (all done by government agencies).  That site is just pathetic.
    Really all they do is use exaggerated and inaccurate words to describe the conspiracies to make them seem foolish.  Just the way that they childishly "refute" these conspiracies makes it seem more likely they are true.
    The absolute best/worst has to be in the military part where they talk about depleted uranium shells.  They think the problem is that people hear uranium and are scared by the fear of radioactivity.  Maybe they should realize the problem isn't how the shell sounds, but how they fucking murder people with them.  
  9. Haha, all they did was deny shit with no proof other than their "credibility" or lack there of.
  10. Ok, So first off, tell me WHY exactly, if I were concerned that the U.S. government and their financial overlords were involved in a grand conspiracy against the world population (which I do), the hell would I then trust a GOVERNMENT SITE for information trying to convince me other wise?
    That would be like going up to OJ Simpson, asking him, "hey OJ, did you really kill your wife?" and then taking his absolute word for it....
    Of course 9/11 is a hoax, if you have a pulse you could find a surplus of information on the internet alone to figure that out. I Can't believe this website exists, do you really think people who are interested in these "theories" are going to take the word of a government funded site, and government studies, to tell them otherwise?
    Gob'ment's dumber than I thawt...
  11. Hmm well this page looks very legit, they have a little page and everything.. The Outer Space section made me laugh.
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    Wouldn't it be funny if under each section it just said "yup, we did that" "this too" "guilty as charged".

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