The US government owns patents on cannabinoids

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    I don't think it's possible to overstate that the US government acquiring patents on Cannabinoids during the Bush Administration is contradictory at best and fraudulent by any reasonable measure.

    Here are the links:

    Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants - US Patent 6630507 Abstract
    Vasoconstrictor cannabinoid analogs - US Patent 7109245 Full Text

    The Pentagon also has an interest in cannabinoids:

    I won't venture what the implications are. I'm presenting this so the veterans and activists in this forum can have a look and discuss this.

    peace and pot
  2. Wow ... how is it that bush increased the "war on drugs " budget during his term while allowing a patent by the U.S. Government regarding cannabanoids. it would be sickening if the Government tried to monopolize cannabis in america ...

    :mad::( <--- makes me feel like this ...:rolleyes:
  3. i saw the title of this article and immediatly said "oh those pieces of shit"

    and then i read the article, and it made me sick, no joke thinking about the government controlling the cannabis market.

    Fuck Tyranny
  4. Must be some extreme concentrations. The third link didn't work. The idea of patenting cannabinoids is ridiculous of course.
  5. how can you patent a natural plant and it's process?
  6. I'm almost positive a good lawyer with the public's interest in mind could prove this very point to a judge and get the patent nullified.

    Could be completely wrong, i just theorize

  7. Probably the extraction method or synthesis of particular cannabinoids.
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    Sorry folks about the pentagon/cannabinoid link gaff. I corrected it above and post it here also.

    Search results - Storming Media

    If you drill down, you'll find there are hundreds of patents on cannabinoids.

    Patents normally cover inventions, not discoveries. Look up George Washington Carver. The people in power want control over everything. The rest of us want freedom. The game is always more rigged tan we think.

    peace and pot
  9. By making a small genetic modification. The biotech industry set up this legal president and it is one of the reasons why Monsanto can control the third world by bio engineered seeds. They now want to patent the genetic code so you dont actually own the info that makes up your body. Welcome to the sad ghost of capitalism.:wave:

  10. You can't, lol.
  11. There Trying to fight nature.and there losing.
  12. I forgot what it is, but some company in California has everyone's genome or plasma or some genetic sequence patented.

    It happened by accident but that company still has the patent to your genes. I'm more pissed off by that and by natural occuring plant.
  13. It wasn't bush, he was the puppet. He's to stupid.
  14. Agrred ^ . Bush is a puppet the same as obama . Its not our president deciding our fate and future, its the groups who have him in their pocket that has control .

  15. Monsanto is a unique company to say the least.

    There have been lawsuits filed already alleging illegal use of patented genes, in some various plant crops. Basically it was filed because pollen traveled from a GM field to a non GM field. The non GM farmer got sued for producing a crop with patented genes in it.

  16. The estimated toxic quantity is 700 Kg (1,500 lbs) in 15 minutes, based on lab tests on rats or mice. I once calculated every adult in NYC could get medicated or just plain buzzed for a long evening on that amount.

    peace and pot

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