The urine test. Things I don't understand about it.

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    Last night after a couple hits from my one-hitter, I started wondering/thinking about this.; What places does my piss get taken to during a UA? I know you pee in a plastic container to a certain line/amount. Then you take it back out, they seal it and then in a few days your potential employer find out the results. That part I easily understand.

    The what's confusing to me part is where does my piss go and what sort of "tests" does it have to go thru? Are they spinning it? Mixing it with color changing chemicals? Using PH style sticks that show a % of range change? I just don't know. Any of "my GC friends or unfamiliar faces, jump in here.

    Even if you don't like, like me, dislike, who cares; Have any ideas about what actually happens to my piss during the "test?" I'm meaning that my piss shouldn't be tortured and have things done to it w/o the rightful owner present at all times to observe the process from beginning to end. Might do a practice run in my BR tomorrow.

    Oh CRAP! I don't have laboratory stuff setting around my house. There is some old thing with huge, ugly speakers at each end and a funny looking alien abduction looking circular thingy stuck in the middle. Ugly! My mom keeps the lid, { as she calls it} down and uses it to store.. geez, I'd say 60 family pictures.

    There is one even still displayed with my siblings, cousins and myself all wearing the other genders clothes, still there 45 years later setting on the lid and she loves telling her story [over√ times] about how fun that day was. Well gotta go but GC work on that for me if you want to. What happens to MY piss?

    keep it green
  2. i think different labs do it differently
    here's a video with an example

    [ame=]How a Urine Drug Screening Works - YouTube[/ame]

    or another one

    [ame=]Urine dip test card step-by-step video procedure for Rapid Exams Multi Drug Test Dip Cards - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Great resource...thanks.
  4. What if these labs are hired by the federal government and are collecting DNA samples of millions of middle class workers in order to clone us or conduct mass human experiments?
  5. it depends
    for probation, they take the u.a. at probation offices, then they send it somewhere else

    it is a big controversy here because the office that did it fuck fucked up and alota people came back dirty and ended up getting a violation and going to jail

    sometims they tested my pee right away on the spot. i think they thought i was gona fail. lol

    some places do it on site. some places do it right away. they stick a plastic tab in the piss and it tells them right away

    so it all depends on the place and the method of taking the test and how accurate they want it to be

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