The Unreality of Reality

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  1. Everything, within the context of true reality, is unreal. Everything being so equally unreal constitutes the supreme evenness, the supreme unreality of true reality. And by unreal, I don't mean that it isn't there, but more that it is less here than we may tend to think. That when looked at closely, everything lacks a sense of substantial existence, everything lacks a nature of being completely identifiable. Here one moment, gone the next. This is the theme of ineffability, and within its nature lies total openness. There is no ultimate pattern to anything, nor necesarily a meaning. Nothing holds still in time, so there in truth is nothing to be grasping at.

    More, there is simply only waves and whorls pretending to be something other than the sea in which they are apart of. To realize your life is but a insubstantial whorl in something that you ultimately are, something that is totally infinite and beyond our usual conceptual elaboration, is truth. The beginning of this vision is to see your life as anything as dominant and more as something illusory, to see yourself not as an individual or human body but awareness in its natural form, infinite consciousness without boundary, limit, or beginning. The key is to find this vision, and retain rest within it, as it is our nature to be what we are and to rest as we are. Many struggle to see due to their over-elaboration of the simple truth. You don't have to go anywhere or meet anyone at all to realize it for yourself. All you have to do is relax and let be, see yourself truly are you are, beyond the confines of who you think you are and as ethereal space itself.

    Tell me, where is it that 'you' are? Where is it that true identity lies within anything at all? The more this is investigated, the more phantom definitions become, referring to something but at the same time to no-thing at all. Where do your thoughts arise from and where do they fall? What space do they lie in when they are present and what space do they disappear to? Our problem is not having thoughts, but more of giving our thoughts, our lives, our dramas ultimate attention and not recognizing the illusory see-through nature of them as being expressions/whorls of consciousness manifesting as they are without any inherent true existence. Why the incessant grasping instead of the remaining at rest, allowing all that comes to manifest and dissipate leaving no trace? Why the failure to see the illusory nature of mind? Why the unrealized fact of the ineffable true unreality of all that is?

    It's simple friends, rest in what is. Be warm and friendly toward all, shine the loving attitude toward the dance and movement of life, but realize that what is there is not in full-truth there and treat it as such. Otherwise, you may lose much potential in the downward spiral in over-grasping.

    Much love GC

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