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  1. Post any opinion or view that isn't really much said in public and or seen as taboo.

    I'll go first:

    I believe that America is one of the worst non 3rd world countries you can live in. Our twisted media and corrupt politics make me sick. If it were not so expensive I'd be gone in a heartbeat.
  2. I'll go second, we humans aren't destroying the earth, we are just making it our home. we are beautiful people, if only people just realized that....
  3. Definitely fits the topic cuz i totally disagree lol. Well in part anyway. I think we are a beautiful species but we use our intellect in the wrong way. I'm very intrigued by your opinion though. PM inc.
  4. What happened to the huge unpopular opinion thread?
  5. It got closed so I created a new one at the permission of the Mod who closed it. In hopes that this one is flame war free and stays on topic.
  6. I hated Twilight.
  7. Yeah idk why people came in the last thread knowing the topic and then got mad and started shit..

    I really think cops are mostly normal people doing their job, if you treat them with respect you'll usually get the same in return.
  8. I mostly approve of Obama.
  9. I think marijuana will fuck up ur life if u let it.
  10. I think flipping on ur drug dealer when faced with serious prison time is definitely worth it.
  11. A lot of the problems in America have nothing to do with corruption, only laziness and the unwillingness to take responsibility for ones own actions.

    9/11 was NOT an inside job, but I think the government had information they could have used

    The African American community in the US is largely responsible for their own problems; it has very little to do with racism. Any society that glorifies violence, treating women like sexual objects, and lacks good father figures is doomed to fail.
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  12. If evolution is true(which i don't think it is) then blacks are the least evolved. They look more apelike than any other race.

    9/11 was an inside job. A distraction for something bigger going down like most events like this.

    We've had bases on the moon way before that footage of out supposed first moon landing.
  13. Religion is the longest lasting fairy tale that some people actually think is real.
  14. Our home. Nothing elses.
  15. Yeah, all the concessions we are making for African Americans and their socio-economic status as black people is WRONG. We are practicing a form of slavery. The new welfare laws are stricter, but the basic fact of shit goes like this. When u give someone money to do nothing, they do nothing. The African American race is relatively new to privilege and civil rights, they need to find their way, evolve as a culture fully and progress. I feel as though whites are still not letting them do that under the guise of helping them do this and that. Theres a guy with a Ron Paul quote in his sig that says it straight up, America groups people unnecessarily and the race question is still HUGE. If we saw every person as an individual, we would have a society free of racial bias. America has a great deal of social problems.

  16. I hate to open this can of worms - because politics are ALWAYS a polarizing subject.... that being said...

    I think all politicians are full of shit and they act blatantly in favor of their self interests. Not just obama, not just republicans or democrats... all of them. IMO, our country is like the titanic, we're headed for an iceberg and all the captain and crew can do is argue about how to arrange the deck chairs.

    Obama made numerous promises in his 2008 campaign that he didn't keep. For example:
    Didn't repeal bush tax cuts
    Didn't double federal funding for cancer research
    Didn't increase the minimum wage to 9.50
    Didn't keep his promise to not use "Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws [on medical marijuana]."
    ... Just to name a few.

    I hope this post / thread doesn't get deleted and/or moved, I know this isn't the right forum for this topic. Sorry in advance.
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    Good. Unemployment would be even HIGHER if minimum wage was increased.

    Marijuana is more addicting than anyone wants to let on.
  18. I think every conspiracy theorist and anti government hippy on this site are annyoing

  19. They wouldn't be so annoying if they didn't over-simplify things and use blogs and youtube videos as their "sources"
  20. I prefer non-fat milk :smoke:

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