The unofficial RANTS thread.

Discussion in 'General' started by Fue_2, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. This is like things that anoy you, but this is beyod the point of anoying. More simply you would love to either headbutt the fuck out of them, or throw ' it' into a fire or come here and express your pure hatred fore things/people....

    parking rangers. You go in for more than 5 minutes to get lunch- first time i actualy paid for a ticket, and still get fuckd in the ass when my car- a utility ute, parks in a loading zone( which im permitted to do), besides the point of me going to argue it to the authority figures who seem to run it, i Would love to sit in a cafe waiting for these dogs to book my unticketed car, and then egg the living shit out of them. Point being they ruin my day giving me this bullshit 168$ fine, im going to leave their day in ruins walking around in egg soaked clothes fuck you.

    fucking apples technology. Yeah it may be easier to use than samsungs( which is exactly the same shit) but holy shit they have to make it so fucking difficult to plug your phone into a computor and get songs. Instead theyd rather fuck around and delete all your songs if you plug it into a computor thats not your own, theyd have updates where you lose every contact, they hve the worst fucking battery life, and even then they fired their own creator of the product. I hope something happens and it turns this shitcunt company bust...

    Pregenat teenagers who think they are the shit- posting ultrasounds on fb, bragging about it, putting a status every 10 minutes about feeling it kick etc aaaaaaargh fuckkkkkk offffffffff because they hve a baby inside them. I sure fucking hope you look after your kid more than you looked after your box, fucking whores. Mtv is also to blame for this more like maternaty tv. 16n pregnat bahah you fucking joke.

    And finally justin beiber fuck hahaha where to begin. This kid has all the money in the world and hes pissing it on the wall with cough syrup...... This kid needs to od off it to show the rest of the teenage world that those types of drugs arnt fun,, you have the money to get pounds...POUNDS... i dont fucking get it. lil wayne and all them cunts especially, rapping about purpl drank an shit like that,, cunt mightv been raised by the OGs bigL DiTC, etc, but fuck they would be spinning in their grave to see what he turned rap into. think about the time all these teenage girls scared themselves for that fucking cut4beiber shit when he smoked a j, what the actual fuck was that. Id love to personally see him in bar, befriend him with hopes and promises of the best shit, and shove his face full of roofies and get him to sign all his bank deets to me then distribute his wealth evenly between myself and my family.
  2. Reading this post actually made me feel worse about myself.
    I hope your apple, pregnant teen and Bieber issue get sorted out soon, buddy.
  3. Listen to the master do what he does best

  4. You have some petty issues.
  5. glad to hear.
  6. stop bitching

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