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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Digit, Jun 5, 2003.


Welcome to the P.A.A, before u go further, tell us, are u a prog fan?

  1. Yes, i like yes! I'm a Crimson King and i've got camles coming out of my hawk wind on the d

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  2. nope... I just thought i'd come and see what u proggers were upto in here.

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  3. uhh... tell me what is "prog" and i might be able to tell you.

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  1. Hi, I'm Digit and i'm a progressive rock appreciator.


    before we get down to the first order of the meating i'd just like to say, i've checked out a little bit of Dream Theater and i'm suitably impressed. its got that grand slightly orchestral sound to it that, being a big Yes fan, i really dig.

    *digit bangs a gabble and proclaims this first meating of teh grasscity prog fans now in session* #BANG!#

    first order of the meating-
    this thread isnt here for us true prog fans to jibber on about how Emmerson Lake & Palmer are better than Hawkwind, or about the unfortunate similarties between Camel and the cigarette brand Camel... no this thread can streach as far as the beatles and Radiohead (to an extent, modern Prog!).

    so lets have it peeps... let the prog live on! :D
  2. I'm a big fan of Pink Floyd and the Beatles. But haven't heard any of King Crimson's stuff. I read a review or something of theirs and they were described as "ska-punk" which totally didn't interest me but now you say they're Prog????


    Strangely enough, I've heard Muse described as Prog-Rock *looks confused*
  3. muse eh? hmmm, this is pushing it a little bit.
    but i can understand why... they do take alot of their influence from prog. Mercury Rev are more prog than Muse.

    King Crimson Ska-Punk!? heehee... i've never heard anything be called ska-punk before. lol tis quite funny, and, once i think about it, its almost appropriate. but yeah... they DEFINATELY prog. almost as if the opposite of 'yes' they are kinda dark heavy prog, but they still have a beautiful sound unlike nu-metal or heavy metal of other grungey melodyless tripe :p
  4. i like alot of newer prog

    Dream Theater (favorite band)
    Symphony X
    Pain Of Salvation

    i play guitar so im a HUGE fan of 'gutar music'

  5. so you must really like steve howe (i think i got hsi name right) from Yes back in the 70s (i dont think he still plays for them though)
  6. not one of my favs but i realize he is amaznig

    check out Steve Morse :D
  7. who does he play with? or is he solo?
  8. i think he is the Deep Purple guitarit now

    he used to be solo and has play for The Dixie Dregs.. check out:

    Steve Morse - Tumeni Notes

    Steve Morse - Stressfest
  9. Radiohead.
  10. like what bands?
  11. Honestly I didn't really know what prog (progressive?) was but I do listen to a lot of the bands you've all mentioned, so I guess I like it.

    I couldn't tell you what genre it is but I do like radiohead, their new album is the best since OK Computer and has a few very good songs a few more decent ones.

    And Krimson King friggin rocks, and the first band I ever really loved was Pink Floyd. I dunno about Dream Theater or Liquid Tension, what would those be? It's just highly orchestrated electric guitar, I suppose there's just too much 'energy' to it, I don't like to listen to that when I'm stoned.
  12. they are totally technical and extrememly well written songs..

    liquid tension experiment is basicly dream theater with no singer and different bass player.. AWESOME music.. and myself: i LOOOOOOVE listening to that while high.. i can pay attention to all the stuff thats goin on and its just great

  13. for me thats kinda what i define as progresive rock.
    music thats made by MUSICIANS who know what they are doing and can take the listener just that little bit further.

    hehe, yeah, that sounds almost like me when i'm talking about Yes.

    one of the great things i love about really good prog, is that you really have to listen to it 4th dimensionslly ("well thats true of any music as it has no other dimension to it"), in that, too many people listen to music in a rather short sighted way not paying attention to the structure.
  14. yes Steve Howe is surely a badass.. actually on a Dream Theater video i have, there is a clip of DT jamming with Howe.

    lemme tell you about DT's main influences..

    Yes, Pink Floyd, Rush, and Kansas

    now they were like the great prog bands of the 70's/80's

    then they all had sex and had their 5 headed baby:

    Dream Theater

    there is no band that is as complicated and technical nowdays than DT.. they have some of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard.. they have my favorite guitar player, John Petrucci.

    you might have heard of that G3 tour back in 96' with the 3 greatest guitar players of that time (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Eric Johnson)

    well in 2001 they had another G3 tour with Satriani, Steve Vai, and.... yes John Petrucci.. since he is like the newest virtuoso, they asked him to join the tour.. and he had like 3 weeks to write some songs, so he did..

    let me tell you.. i went to the G3 2001 tour to see my favorite guitar player at that time (Steve Vai) .. needless to say i left there with a new favorite player.. Petrucci absolutely blew me away.. and them songs were only written in 3 weeks, and were like the best thing ive ever heard!... SOOOO melodic it wasnt even funny.. so i left there thinking "damn i knew that Dream Theater guitar player was good, but HOLY SHIT i need to check them out more.. so it was after that concert that got me into DT, and now they are like my favorite band.
  15. yeah, since that first mention of dreamtheater in some other thread i went and got a little sample from kaza and was quite suitably impressed... rare does this happen but.... after such a limited knowledge on them and with having heard so little... i am contemplating making a cd of theirs my next musical purchase!

    i had been listening to yes for a little while (almost the same length of time i had been smoking pot - maybe a little longer) and their sound had been taking me to the most beautiful spaced out places in my mind, then my mate Jamie (the one responsable for getting me hooked on them in the first place) lent me a yes video... first time i saw them i exclaimed in horro and delight: "HOLY FUCK! THOSE GUYS MAKE THAT SOUND WITH GUITARS!!?! WTF!?!?" because up until that point (i suppose i hadnt really thought about it) i thought they must have used some strange and beutiful "space" instruments never before known to mankind and a dozen boxes with twidley knobs to tweak the sound... but no! just guitars and the most amazing talent & skills and knowledge of music you had ever thought imaginable.

    hehe, i think they idea of Yes, Pink Floyd, Rush, and Kansas in bed together as only 4 seperate entities to give birth to a new entity quite chuckleworthy. ;)
  16. what was the sample of them you heard if you dont mind me asking? :)
  17. I chose the second option, but if you would regard Rush as prog rock, I would almost say I'm a fan of prog rock because I'm a bit of a fan of Rush (yeah). A friend of mine loaned me Retrospective 1 and it's rather enjoyable. We play Bastille Day in our band. Do you all dig that song? I love playing the solo in that one. In fact, I've been recently dubbed the 'Bastille Day Solo Whore'.

    I must say that I don't agree with Digit's earlier statement that metal isn't beautiful. It's all in the ear of the beholder (?). I'd consider even my most brutal stuff (like discordance axis and suffocation) to be beautiful, but I'm also into metal bands that truly are melodic, such as At The Gates. You lot would probably like some of their work.

  18. a little bit of peruvian skies, about half of happyness is a warm gun and another but i forget which.
  19. check out "The Great Debate" and "Metropolis Pt 1"
  20. Jethro tull.

    has anyone heard Thick as a brick?

    its the best concept album ever. and thus of course, Jethro Tull's Best album too.

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