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The UnOfficial Pass On Some Advice to a Younger Stoner Thread - Roast and Post

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AK Infinity, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Nah.

    AFAIK vaping is more potent
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    There's a few things I may be able to add to this.

    1.) Yes, 99% of what they say about it is not true. It will not make you go crazy, murder people, etc. But there are still ramifications from using it, so don't kid yourself. It will cost you money over time, especially if you continue into your adult years, and it will complicate jobs and hold you back a lot in that area. The worst feeling is the worry that comes with knowing that one drug test will cost you an $80k+ a year job that you will never get a second chance at getting.

    2.) Say no to your buddies who want to smoke at school. I used to do that as a teen off-campus at this little crappy uninhabited house before school with my group of friends. Until one day the house was no longer unoccupied. Three of my friends got arrested that day, and my saving grace was that I had to use the bathroom first (was going to meet them over there afterwards) and was not there when the bust went down. I literally watched one of my buddies get tackled by a cop on a bicycle as soon as I stepped off into the street to head that way, and immediately turned back onto campus and high tailed it out of there to safety.

    3.) If you must buy it at school, do not carry it on you while at school. It is better to find a good stash place and risk someone else finding it and taking it and losing your $20 investment, than it is to get arrested and have your teen years screwed up for what is frankly a mostly harmless pleasure. All it takes is one person overhearing your deal to mess it up for you, which is why you don't hold it.

    4.) While driving, never carry more than what you plan to smoke while driving, and always have a glass of water with you. It is not a crime to be high, or even smell like pot. So if worse comes to worse, swallow that roach before the cop comes up, and play it cool. Don't be a smartass, admit that you had smoked but do not have any more on you. The cop will lecture you, might want to search you or your vehicle (let them!), but if you have nothing on you, then there is nothing that they can legally do to you.

    5.) Which brings us to: if you smoke if your car often, perform a cleaning once a week. Vacuum all shake, seeds, and stems, because in some states, a single seed is good enough for conviction.

    6.) Never carry more than one ounce when traveling. Any more than that, with a dick cop or judge, you could see time for distribution. Your goal is personal use only, never any more than that.

    7.) Smoke Indica strains when possible. This protects you in the case you ever get arrested for distribution, because by definition, "marijuana" only pertains to Cannabis Sativa, not Indica. Indica is not marijuana by their own definition. It's the ultimate "F you" to the DEA and is a defense that has saved many dispensary owners who have been wrongfully convicted.

    8.) Relating to #s 4 & 5: if the cop smells it on you when you are pulled over, the cop does have probable cause to search your vehicle. But if you have taken the aforementioned precautions, they won't find anything and cannot bust you for it. However, if you refuse to let them search you can be arrested for obstruction, which can be a worse offense.

    For now, that's all I have off the back of my head.
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  3. All young people who smoke a lot should read that. It's like a bible lol

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  4. Thanks, buddy! That was basically what I was going for... just speaking from experience. Stupid things I did, or others I know have done... with a bit of extra acquired knowledge that I wished I had back then mixed in. I spent my time locked up over it, was on probation several times... if I can keep that from happening to a single teen (or even adult for that matter), then that would make me extremely happy.
  5. Driving while high could be a DUI and you could easily be arrested for it. Will the charges stick? Maybe maybe not but arrest is still possible and saying that would make it much more likely for those charges to stick. Don't tell the cops shit. It's your right. It's not about what's believable it's about what tangibly can be used against you.

    There may be a few times where this has worked for someone dispensaries or whatever in a big lawsuit with superstar lawyers but this has no chance of working for the average Joe in the real world.

    I'm not trying to be hostile but I just wanted to say this because I don't feel your advice is completely accurate and don't want people thinking they're safe if they aren't.
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  6. Yeah I've had some bad experiences as well so I get you but I think people should drive while high or have weed in the car it's too risky always leave weed in your home and use it on foot.

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  7. Be careful of self medication. If you have an underlying problem that you haven't dealt with weed is a wonderful way to forget about it, it might however not a good way to handle your life and be happy in the long run. Think about if your smoking is in fact procrastination in a way. Think about what you loose and what you gain. If it is worth it, do it, if not, quit. Re-evaluate often. Smoking too much, too early, could impair you emotional development as it will "prevent" you from handling certain issues and feel some very unpleasant emotions.

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