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The UnOfficial Pass On Some Advice to a Younger Stoner Thread - Roast and Post

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AK Infinity, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Don't get too caught up in the weed game..
    Never let it have a negative impact on your daily life.
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  2. Here's my advice. Yea it can be a bad thing. Stay busy and be prepared to be disrespected and not trusted by your family

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  3. Don't waste your time trying a million papers. I've learned from older tokers that Zig Zags and Bambu papers roll the best Jay's
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  4. Can anyone offer me some tips on finding a good weed dealer? I know there's over 200 pages of advice, but I haven't come across advice involving my problem. I live in NYC and I always have to deal with some ghetto guy that always turns out to be shady as fuck. Nearly all of them try to sell me a half ounce of reggie for $120 to $360 and "swear on their mothers" that it's an ounce, when clearly it's not. Of course I turn them down and walk away, some of them have even threatened me on occasion and had their body language looking like they were ready to fight for "wasting thier time", "Making them come out here for nothing" etc.. I really don't have any friends, so it's not like I have anyone to hook me up with their trustworthy dealer. Any tips on finding that right person? I mean, I'm sure I'd obviously have to ask around, but if there's any advice any of you guys could offer me relating to this, that would be great.
  5. Make a waterfall. I got so much higher off a tiny bowl than 3 joints back to back
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    I always find a hook up on Meetme, an app. Just go on there and ask who has some tree or something. Works for me.
  7. Finding a good dealer is like finding a good girl that you want to make a keeper. You go through a bunch of chicks til you find the right one.
  8. Hacks, Ways to smoke roaches. (Video)
  9. I have to say for about 20 yrs i used the Zig Zags White, but tried this raw brand, now
    RAW Brand Papers kicks ZigZags ass. Raw has a patent on the papers.
    Raw papers have a design that really works to even out the buring of a joint.
    This is great for INEXPERIENCED rollers!
  10. I think we all know that one person that has that appetite for obsession. Very good hint.
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  11. Unfortunately I fell victim to this. Scraping every bit of resin fiending for weed. I sold, and that kept me high, but I ended up in debt and with a massive tolerance. Everything in moderation.
  12. Elements are also very nice. In my opinion, better than zigzags.
  13. Care for your plants but don't babysit and be an overbearing mother pulling your hair out over every little thing.
  14. The cops take an average of 6 minutes to reply to a call. Don't rush, but be efficient. Paranoia only causes mistakes that get you busted.
    There are good strains, but it's the grower and the batch that make bud good.
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  15. Yo so I am a fairly new stoner I've smoked like six times but the past two times I was smoking some real top grade shit cuz my older bro got the plugs here, but it was dispensary grade og kush and it had me fried the first time I only smoked a third of a bowl and I was couched, I was really happy and all. The second time I smoked it I smoked a whole bowl and was physically more high and visually started to trip a little like all the things in my peripherals started spinning but like I was not nearly as happy as last time and it was still a great time but it wasn't like OH MY GOD WOW like the other times, did I already hit like peak high from smoking great shit so early on it will I still get better highs than the ones I've had?

    - I just really like weed -
  16. I don't think that you can get so high that it enables you from ever getting that high again
  17. May I ask just out of curiosity, why is the font size -5?
  18. if you toke inside and don't want smell get a window fan and have it blow the air outside, after you rip one blow it into the fan at like 5 cm away and all smell should be gone in 15 minutes at most if you leave the fan on afterward

    use mason jars to store weed

    be respectful always
  19. Never, ever, use Zippo lighters to light a bowl, joints and blunts are fine tho
  20. Ok. I'll be the assholish old guy here.

    Don't smoke and drive. Some say it makes you more alert. Some say it makes you concentrate more. Yeh. Right. Think of that next time you get high and stare at the tv for half an hour and have no idea what you just watched.

    If you are doing it for recreational purposes, don't buy it if you can't afford it.

    That's all of the lecturing for now. You may now return to your regularly scheduled bong.
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